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You know its near spring time when you start seeing.....

..... Robins flying into our back yards And the blossoms on the cherry trees But mostly we know its almost spring time when we start seei…

Started by Dave

5 Mar 14, 2010
Reply by RedStormRizing

I'm beginning to think the democrats need to hire some speech writers

I swear, they say Bush had trouble with the English language which maybe he did get a bit creative with certain words.... but Democrats see…

Started by Dave

4 Mar 14, 2010
Reply by Sweater Cows!

Stumbled on this.

It's something I never really thought of. maybe even a bit far out for the average person to see as possible but it does make sense, to me…

Started by Sweater Cows!

2 Mar 12, 2010
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

Eric Massa Exits But Doesn't Do So Quietly

In one of the more unusual political stories, Massa resigned but by no means was he going to go quiet apparently. After being elected he st…

Started by Dave

6 Mar 11, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

House Rep Anna Kirkpatrick of AZ sponsors bill to cut pay in congress by 5%

I can commend Kirkpatrick for sponsoring this bill. So far there have been about 20 other people joining her, hopefully this bill gets pass…

Started by Dave

4 Mar 10, 2010
Reply by Edie Lindsey

More choices than necessary or not enough?

Who knew how many choices for things like kitchen faucets and toilets. and vinyl. and...I decided it was finally time to do some home repai…

Started by Sweater Cows!

10 Mar 9, 2010
Reply by Sweater Cows!

Mean People on Forums

Why do some people go on forums and get mean?Is this the same as the bully in school.Is it their own insecurity,or is it a control thing?So…

Started by Barry

22 Mar 9, 2010
Reply by Sweater Cows!

What happened to Christopher Keough?

I noticed his photos were no longer posted and couldn't find his name in the members list.

Started by Willy

3 Mar 8, 2010
Reply by XLFD

Harry Reid inserts foot in mouth... again

At the rate its going, Harry has a shot at being a stand up comedian with some of the stuff he's been saying of late. If the polls in Nevad…

Started by Dave

4 Mar 6, 2010
Reply by Edie Lindsey

2010 Michigan Governor Candidates

Below is a list of announced and potential candidates: Independents Formally exploring: * Joe Schwarz, Former Republican Member of Congr…

Started by Dave

3 Mar 5, 2010
Reply by Edie Lindsey


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