ironic that 3 out of the 4 businesses nominated by the Ludington and Scottville Chamber of Commerce’s Business award operate in neither Ludington nor Scottville.

"Those businesses include Bayshore Real Estate of Amber Township, Lighthouse Realty of Ludington, Servpro of Manistee, Ludington and Cadillac (based locally in Amber Township), and the Shade Tree Mechanic of Ludington,(PM Township)"

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Considering where Lighthouse Realty is located, none of the four businesses are located in the downtown development districts of either town.  Gee, I thought all that money Scottville and Ludington have put in their DDAs and Main Street programs would have the best businesses flocking to those areas.

Actually, I didn't think that, but I didn't want to shatter the dreams of our puerile city officials who believe their efforts are instrumental in bolstering our downtown's economic development. 

These kinds of awards always make me wonder, how can anyone compare so many different types of businesses and actually say with a straight face that a particular company is better than the rest. Nobody can tell me there isn't a whole lot of a_s kissing going on and possibly some under the table incentives to put one single business on a pedestal

All I know is that it's just one more year where everyone failed to nominate the Ludington Torch for business of the year, XLFD for the Community Service Award, or Willy for one of the Future Five. 

Alas, I'll never be able to accept the brass monkey and tell the assemblage what a crooked person  Chamber of Commerce President Kathy MacLean is.  Ennui has consumed me and shat me out for good this time.     

All these nominees contribute nothing much to Ludington nor Mason County economy imho. Selling someone else's property, really? What is that? They don't own anything, just are sales people, bottom of the rung, just like car salesman. Chamber of Commerce needs to be proactive in these decisions, and not just accept their lunch/martini invitations to get nominated. Another sad state of affairs around here imho.


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