Yesterday, the editor of the Ludington Snooze sent out a plea to readers to please please stop poaching news for the sake of his bottom line. I found the editorial both self serving and kind of pathetic.

The gist is that he is upset that other people ( bloggers and the like) are getting the jump on stories that he has in his pipeline... seriously? Are we in middle school and the other kid got the jump on your news about the fight in the lunchroom?

Please find the story and read it. I cannot post it here since I am respecting his demand that the likes of us DO NOT repost anything HIS paper prints. 

So I have a bit of advice for the clearly biased editor to help him with his circulation and bottom line.

1) Stop poaching stories from national leftist rags and presenting them as news in our small town paper

2) Stick with local and statewide news. We are tired of getting hit over the head with DC and coastal garbage news.

3) Stop with the constant badgering of the center right folks. Knowing your audience is important and clearly you do not.

4) Stop complaining and belly aching and do your job. It is NOT the reader's fault that you can't get people to buy your paper or put ads in it. 

5) If you change your paper to reflect the REAL news of the city and surrounding counties, you would have people more interested

6) I prefer reading the Oceana County news most days because I do not have to sift through National and local leftest drivel to find the relevant and uplifting local news and stories. 

7) Folks around here LOVE to hear more about the parks, fishing, hunting, art, community , church life, stewardship, golf, reading, knitting, boating, conservation, gardening; not how much you all hate Trump and his supporters.

8) Hold the city council and mayor accountable instead of being their enabler. 

Good luck with your bottom line. I am not sure it can be saved!

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Well said! 

If you have reservations about sharing his editorial with the readership, just scan and share it with me and I will 'fair use' it so that others who may doubt you will not have to take your word about it.  His opinion isn't news, anyway, he should appreciate having a larger soapbox so that more folks can gauge his thoughts accurately and assign value to them if there is any. 

We are all for fairness in reporting the truth at the Ludington Torch and exposing the excesses and exaggerations of other news media is part of that process (wow, 'X' alliteration).  If other media do not like it: tough, you guys can do better.

Yes, please post the editorial. I don't read the LDN anymore and will not buy it because of the biased nature of the paper.

If someone would copy the editorial and post it with quotes then it would only be quoting  what he has said. I would like to comment knowing what was actually in the editorial.


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