The Badger just changed hands. A National shipping and car ferry company just bought it. 

Get ready for the cruise ships that will be visiting our dear Harbor once the world opens up again.

In my opinion, ships full of people who don't give a rat's ass about Ludington clogging the downtown and beaches is not my idea of a healthy future for our dear city. 

If one pays attention, you can really connect the dots and see what the CC and Downtown Development group have in mind for the future. Sell out the citizens of the city for fame and big bucks.

All I can say, is they better support local businesses downtown instead of  the chains and national brands or the future tourist Mecca will be a bust. 

We used to go to Key West in the 80's and went last year and could not believe how they destroyed a once fun and vibrant sea side beauty into a trashy , beyond crowded ,tourist dumping ground. Nashville has become the same thing. Will never visit those places again. 

It is all terribly sad and could be avoided with some careful planning and people that have some idea how to grow a city with taste and talent. They should maybe take a trip up to Harbor Springs and see how they are doing it. I fear it is too late , since there is no going back with all the incredibly ugly high rise apartments and condos they are planning or have already put up in the downtown.

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I'm so glad you said it, Lake Lady! I was thinking the same but you said it so well! It is becoming more clear who the "movers and shakers" of this city are, and in my recent recollection, have been. The city bends over backward for anyone who is in business or employs. A good portion of the 85-90 percent of the residents either rely on those small downtown businesses for a measly paycheck, don't care or know better or live off the state and go along with the propaganda and new school for the kids. It seems like every coastal community of Michigan is going to the tourists and those promoting it. But wait, without diversity in sustainable real jobs, the end comes quickly when we take a $30 trillion can't-pay-our-national debt. Then comes China.

You are exactly right Freedom Seeker! 

There is the  term " useful idiots" for a reason. 

I am trying very hard to go to my happy place and ignore the destruction of our families, churches, livelihoods, communities, neighborhoods and our Constitution , but I cannot comprehend how much destruction has happened in such a small amount of time.

China is manipulating us brilliantly. The main problem is that there has been a purposeful dumbing down of our entire society.(Most people really do not understand what is actually going on here...) Add to that a lust for a cheap buck and you have a recipe for disaster.

I long for the carefree days of the 80's . :)

I fear the worst is yet to come...and I used to be an optimist! Sigh...

One more interesting tidbit I noticed in the news release I read. 

The head of the Chamber in Ludington is quoted as saying she had no idea about the transfer, glad it happened... blah, blah, blah...

Either she is lying or that is true. If you really think about THAT... neither one is a good look.

Lying or not knowing... hmmm?! Just saying...

Very interesting tidbit, LL. That's hard to believe that that she who promoted the SAVE the Badger didn't know nothing about the sale. And our whole city lacks communication, no vision from the mayor and it seems most of the government in it for their glory, not the people, with the loss of Serna who was a weight for leveling the playing field, however, outweighed by the private vision of the mayor and his cronies and the beer-selling crowd. And does it help our taxes. Noooh. Just more water rate increases when a huge percentage of the population get food from community pantries.

I also had a thought that Manglitz and company might have got out while the getting is good. Wait until AOC and Kamie get a hold of the coal-powered Badger.  THEY won't be the only lefties trying to power her with solar panels.

Some firm named Interlake (Steamship) Holding Co. out of Ohio bought LMC operations, a family run bus.. There is an interview on FB  SS Badger page by WMOM on this today. Interview was with Mark Barker, Pres.. They own and run 9 freighters on the Great Lakes now and employ about 400 employees.

I noticed this when the City of Ludington posted it yesterday and shared it on the Ludington Pitchfork on Facebook without additional comment.  I wondered whether anybody would mention anything akin to my thoughts, but it took one of our Ludington Torch to notice something that was relevant-- yet different from my initial thoughts.

I am not at all surprised about the sale.  Manglitz has been divesting his Ludington holdings lately if you hadn't noticed.  After failing to sell the parcel north of the car ferry property to a developer who wanted to create mini-townhouses, he sold it to the White family for a 'convention center'.  He had the county's citizens paying for the contamination clean-up of the property through tax-increment financing (TIF) rather than spend his own money to do so. 

Manglitz then gets over $10 million in taxpayer dollars (state federal, City of Manitowoc) to fix up his docks on both sides of the lake, using a lot of the time of the COL attorney, manager, and EDC in doing so.  This inarguably made Manglitz able to sell LMC for even bigger bucks (say $10 million more), without him having to invest a penny.   

He continued to screw over the community by prematurely breaking his 25 year contract with Harbor View Marina (through his HVM LLC) and effectively forcing a mostly private marina into another public marina that has comported itself as a private marina in its first year of operation-- driving another stake into the private marinas' hearts. 

Robert Manglitz should be looked at as nothing more than an opportunist, an unweaned baby suckling from government's teats, a disgrace to the legacy of Charles Conrad.  I look forward to the new owners bringing the car ferry back to truly successful operations, not the farce it had devolved into under Manglitz's direction.

We really can't blame the guy for making money. The only problem is much of it came at the taxpayers expense. My guess is the lock down took a big bite out of LMC's revenues this year and it was sell or go belly up just like 20% of the nations businesses because of the Covid hoax which is working like a champ for the lefties agenda.

Interlake is a huge shipping company and I hope they don't sell the Badger for scrap. They own the largest freighters on the Great Lakes.

Good deal for the companies and of course the big losers again are the lowly taxpayers who finance all of Ludingtons money pits, be they on land or on water.

The largest Great Lakes freighter

Ten million?

I thought the Badger was in financial straights from the epic embezzlement case? 

The fact that he used the tax loopholes over the past few years in preparation for a big sale is indeed a shameless move. Seems to be about right for the ruling class of  Ludington. 

Willy may be on to something. Read the press release and note the owner of the freight company speaks about how environmentally friendly his other "passenger " boats are... 

Get ready for the cruise ships folks.


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