Daily News Headline; Trumpets Johnson Still Guilty; After Case Dismiss'd


Ludington's COLD News

Always very funny rag

Does it once Again.


Headline:  Case Dismiss'd

Coach Todd Johnson innocent

Of C-S-C charge.


Then says there's no sex

Between 'til she was eighteen

Not thirteen-- that's bad.


Body of story

Reports of no sex between

Them ever; never.


Testifies in court

Under threat of perjury

He and she, nada.


The public trial

Cole and Spaniola Waged

Based on lies/slander.


Defendant relieved

Some justice he has received

But not through COLD News.


They still say GUILTY

Of sex with woman he coach'd

Persecution still.


What kind of paper

Pulls down this man's pants once more

and swats this Johnson.

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Glad to see your still with us HC. Love your poetic style. 

We here at the Ludington Torch were hoping to qualify for a 'cultural economic development' based grant due to Haiku's preservation of the art of putting pearls of wisdom in haiku format.  But when Honorable Mr. Confucius applied, he found that most spaces did not allow enough room for three lines and seventeen syllables.

Haiku, old friend, "what kind of paper/journalist could report in this unprofessional and inaccurate way"? What other paper/rag but the LDN?  Reporting in fairness and accuracy is a lost art for them, they don't even know the meaning. If they weren't propped up by a big parent company, how long do you think they could last on their own? Easy to see why David Jackson got rid of this ugly corporation and went on with his life.

The article is not inaccurate. It was posted in such a way as to give the wrong impression of what happened. The title is correct but incomplete and completely irrelevant as to it's connection to the article. She did give a statement saying she had sex with Johnson after she turned 18 but the LDN failed to state in the title that it was a false statement. It would be like quoting a homeless person who says the LDN is the best newspaper in the World. When in actuality the homeless person said "The LDN is the  best newspaper in the World for wiping your a_s." The LDN should be completely ashamed of what they have presented as journalism and apologize for it's misleading and shoddy editing.

Actually, according to the COLDNews in another article, the article is accurate but incomplete, the headline is wrong.  I believe the other article because it has the actual court testimony wherein she says there was no sexual relationship.  But the article's headline at the top of this thread still reflected the original story the prosecution had.  Apparently, the COLDNews is so subservient to the local governments that they cannot change the story unless they hear it directly from a public official.  Meaning the rest of your statement is dead on accurate.


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