I found this interesting article about what is happening in Leelanau. I didn't know that they ousted their EDC in , I think, 2013. THIS IS GOOD! More dollars to actually help the area, rather than spending it on expensive lobbyists for State of Michgian dollars (grants).

The first line in the post says it all for me -- "The absolute BEST way to economic prosperity for the maximum number of people, is to keep government as far away from economic development."


Too bad more of this thinking is not held in Ludington. They seem to buy-in to this notion that we must garner state dollars to pay for our pet projects. Yet, when money is set aside for things like the Bayou Cleanup, they don't follow through.

I think the only way to start to shrink government is to start drying up the money river.

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Great Article; I love the basic theme of the GROW site.  The free market economy and government-influenced economy are antithetical to each other-- one is based on people voluntarily spending their cash on stuff and services they want from someone willingly selling those goods and services, the other has one entity taking your money from you through threat of force and often putting it towards stuff and services you would never want.  The latter needs to be minimalized whenever possible.

It says the article was written by "Admin" which I'm assuming it to mean this was an editorial. A lot of common sense in that article that needs to be applied throughout all Government agencies.

I know, right? I also was looking for the author's name. So rare to find this kind of common sense around our state these days!


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