FAVRE'S FINAL FAREWELL? First round Hall of Famer? My IRON MAN of the NFL is gone now, sadly.

Well, it's pretty much a said and done deal today, Brett Favre, the Iron Man of QB's in the NFL announced his final retirement, or is it? Well, Brett sustained a crippling injury 2 weeks ago with a concussion that knocked him out for 10 minutes or so. So, he did not return to play again this season starting for the Vikings. However, he is in a rank all unto himself where QB statistics are concerned: most completed passes, most yardage passing, most touchdowns passing, and most games started by any QB in history, 297 games. Far surpassing any QB's on record to date, and quite possibly so for eternity.                                                                       Rumor has it Brett will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on the first ballot, later this year. I would surely hope this is so, since all the statistics prove he was the best and most productive Quarter Back to suit up in the NFL in history.                                                                               Brett had many many seasons of success and Super Bowl appearances with the Green Bay Packers, from 1992-2007.                                                                                                            This is THE MAN when it comes to loving football, loving his fellow players, loving the challenges, loving the coaching staffs, and being a loved guy that everyone appreciated. His humility and love for the sport will never be forgotten.                                                              He was my hero, and was looked up to by thousands, if not millions, of fans across the country and world. God Bless you Brett, we'll never forget your smile and tenacity for true grit competition, no matter the obstacles of weather, insufferable injuries, negative press, and nay-sayer losers. A special thanks to you for a lifetime of memories, the kind that last a lifetime, and beyond.

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Here's a few more pictures I found.

Any of you guys want to weigh in on the so-called 'scandal' involving Brett Favre's involvement with Jenn Sterger, including his culpability and whether it may affect his decision to either come back or coach in the NFL?  Junk alert:  be careful when researching this story.

I'm a bit skeptical of the scandal myself. I just find it a bit curious that the claims made by Ms Sterger took 2 years to come out. Plus the fact that so far, as far as I know anyway, there have been no claims by anyone with the Vikes or the Packers that has said that Favre had harassed them in any way. Its a bit hard to believe that Favre was only a sexual harasser for one season which really your looking at 5 months that he was actually with the Jets since he was traded to the Jets close to the start of the regular season. If people start popping up saying that they were harassed by him with his other teams then I might put more stock into the original claim... until that time I am gonna have to just be skeptical of the claim.

I always liked Favre, still do.

I don't like how is departure from Green Bay was handled, IMO he was basically forced out which seems to be disrespectful to one of the best QB's of all time. I know GB had Rodgers waiting in the wings and wanted to get him on the field and all, but still, your franchise QB was coming off one of his best seasons and his reward was if he stayed, he'd be riding the bench?

I think the media and fans put way to much pressure on him to make a retirement decision, specially over the last 3 seasons. He has every right to take as much time as he wants to make the decision... he earned that. I think he just got to the point that if he was going to get hounded on what he was going to do, that he would simply just make everyone wait. This last season he at least had reason to wait to in that he was coming off of surgery during the off season.


I think its safe to say though that this was Favre's final year, the body simply couldn't keep up with the demands of a season of professional ball.


I hope his retirement is nice and relaxing!

I'm more of the belief that Sterger was a celebrity type stalker, but, who could look the other way if a playmate was flirting and texting you? Could you X? And be honest now, yes or no? If you say no, I'm going to have a lot of serious doubts about your libido. Favre was apparently told the last concussion he received was quite serious and dangerous. To go on the field and take the chance of another likely hit like that, could have been fatal. Similar to what Ali was told about his concussions, and now look at him. Same could become Favre's future fate as it stands already. He has absolutely nothing to gain by playing any more seasons. Maybe now the press will stop hounding the Hero so damn much. Hope he's a first round pick, and that he continues into coaching or announcing in the future. His like will never be seen again in the NFL as far as I'm concerned. A legend and true American dream story come true.


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