Everybody in Ludington knew something special was going to be happening this April when Mayor Holman proudly declared that April 10 to April 15 was formally declared as Ludington's first ever Arbor Week.  What was sad was that nobody decided to tell Mayor Kaye and her fellow city officials that there were only six days in Arbor Week:  April 10, 11, 12, 13 14, 15. 

As seen in the March 6, 2017 LCC minutes.  As might be expected, nobody at the always diligent City of Ludington Daily News saw a problem with the six day week, so they ran numerous articles covering the six day festival of trees without batting an eye at the week's length, and ignoring the clear-cutting of mostly healthy trees at Copeyon Park that happened just a little over a week before, and focused on happier stuff like children excitedly planting saplings. 


People like me were left wondering where the extra day of Ludington's Arbor Week went, and I was stumped until earlier today, when I checked my Ludington's 2017 City Calendar hanging on the wall in my living room, and found an unexpected addition at the end of the month:  the 31st of April.  In the rest of the civilized world, April has only 30 days.

At first I thought it may be a collector's item, you might know the story of the guy who brought a sheet of stamps with airplanes on them and noticed that the planes were flying upside down, while all the other sheets had them flying properly.  A single inverted jenny in good condition can now net you a cool million dollars. 

But it wasn't meant to be, all of Ludington's 2017 City Calendars had the extra day on them, assuredly the last day of Ludington's Arbor Week.  For certainly, our leaders would never make such silly mistakes in the first place without a darn good reason.

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It's hard to believe that nobody involved in the process of creating and printing the calendar discovered this mistake. All the people who have made appointments and other scheduling times are in for a big surprise. Who knows this may be one of those twilight zone or outer limits occasion. We may be seeing time as we know standing still until Shay resigns. The City of Ludington has granted it's citizens and extra day in the year. I hope this doesn't mean an extra day of compensation in City workers pay checks.

I think it will add up to even more benefits considering that the calendar has not only April 31st falling on Monday, but also May 1st falling on Monday.  This is the only city government I know that is so dedicated that it has two Mondays to work this week.  We must applaud their efforts, or at least laud them with our app.  Golf clap.

The city has replanted a half dozen trees in Copeyan park.

...Ironically... none on the west side near the lake where most of the trees were taken down.

One of the reasons I came out in opposition to the appointive Tree Advisory Board was that it signaled to me that the city leadership was about to embark (no pun intended) on a policy course where trees in parks and on right-of-ways would be compromised.  This explains the Ash massacre (Mashacre?) of Copeyon Park, and the widespread cutting down of trees across town in the right of ways of streets, and replantings of exotic trees in replacement. 

I love trees, I love having a wide variety of trees around town, but some trees don't work well at places they are located.  Heather Hendrickson and Bill Carpenter can tell you their own tales, but one of these times take a look around at what they are freshly planting around the city streets.  If they plant an undesirable tree along a street in front of your house, or to the side on a corner lot, you have the right to take it out of the ground and give it back to them.

This April calendar exemplifies just how dumb city officials are these days. There has Never been 31 days in April, always 30 as long as I've lived, and before. What kind of exotic trees are being planted now?

Some kind of tree with hard berries on them . First the birds eat the berries, crap all over the side walk, berries fall off onto the side walk and customers track them into the businesses. Fine planting planing our city has done.   On cutting of tree's , I was told last year some large trees were cut down by the city because the property owner didn't want to rake the leaves.

We should be planting Apple Trees,Pear Trees,Cherry Trees,blueberries and raspberries, and strawberries.... Back in the day there were plenty of fruit trees and berries around our neighborhood town.  

I must beg to differ due to the setting.  Fruit trees in a city park or on the city street right of way do not make sense.  For the latter, their fruits will fall in the street and on sidewalks making travel difficult, in the former, the fruits generally cannot be used by the public without fear of reprisal from the city and become a burden for them to clean up.

In either case, unintended problems like stump mentions occur.  Back when I grew up in Scottville, we had an apple tree in the backyard and it was great for apple fights with other kids in the hood.  However, it would attract a large contingent of bees and other stinging insects; raking up those fallen apples or lawn mowing through them was a recipe for getting stung by irritated insects.

The Tree Advisory Board in its wisdom, has planted at least one Kentucky Coffeetree in the street right of way on Ludington Avenue.  Not familiar with KC's?  They drop a bunch of poisonous pods underneath themselves that never get dispersed naturally.  Those pods will just rot on the streets, sidewalks and everywhere in between becoming a maintenance problem. 

Not to mention they will eventually snatch your body to make it into a casing for an alien plant life form.


This might explain the sycophant behavior of the city council.

It doesn't excuse their moronic actions but it does have the feel of a smoking gun as to cause

Who ordered these alien trees planted?.



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