Would there be any connection between the sudden disappearance of the fishing dock from Copeyon Park and the need for a dock at the kayak trail?

Will we hear the lame refrain next Spring that it was too far gone to repair, but then, like a phoenix,will the missing dock reappear at the kayak place? Will it be somehow repurposed for launching kayaks?

And through the magic of accounting will the money saved from not having to construct the dock be  an offset to the $20,000 pledged by a mysterious donor for matching funds for the West End Scheme?Would this be the same imaginary person who delivers toys and goodies on Christmas Eve? 

If there is one thing I learned about this cabal of clowns running the city is never underestimate the stupidity of their trying to put one past the public.

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Are you trying to say that someone would take a used dock and try to pass it off as a new one for the west side project?  of coarse that might need a invoice for a new , easy to get one to pocket the money.  What was I thinking? Hell ya, same people run the kids Christmas money scheme or should it be scam. Easy peasy .

These guys are trying to pull fast ones not only on the public, but the MI DNR Trust Fund also.  How do you have a "commitment" of $80,000+ last year pledged by the city council in a resolution, and then have an anonymous donor making 4 years of installment payments on their 'anonymous honor' show up at the last minute to affirm that committed money from nearly two years ago.  Over the last decade, I've seen almost everything come from the Shaydy people we have in charge, but doing a Doppel Dock switcheroo would be a first.

I've got inside information that the dock is being retrofitted and will be reinstalled very soon. I was able to take a photo of the renovations. The dock is being stored at the waste treatment pond where City officials want locals to start using it in order to make room for more tourists at the more popular fishing spots.

Willy have you heard how much they are going to charge to park at the waste water plant in order to fish?

I got dibs running a tip-up in the sound hole, just wonder if tp or a condom will be better bait?

No but I know it won't be cheap. Everyone will have to stop at the new kiosk planned for the waste treatment plant. Along with the payment process to enter, attendee's will be able to drown their sorrows with the special treat the kiosk will dispense in order to forget that City Hall is is run by the biggest producers of sh_t in the County.

No I don't think so.

But I see a correlation between-

The "broken" clock at the James st plaza that people donated funds to that "park" and love the clock but it would be moved to the back of proposed remodeled plaza "park".


The Copeyan Dock that families and fishermen like and enjoy and they won't like the noise from new proposed splash park.

Like clock, don't want it moved = oh clock is broke.

Fishermen won't like noise from splash park = oh less places to fish 

I think the splash pad is now a wash out in that location.


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