Hope the Legislature can come together to change this law.

While voters turned down a chance to change this law maybe the legislature can do away with Michigan's no fault insurance that mandates "unlimited medical coverage for drivers injured in an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident". 

This is reason that Michigan's auto insurance is the most costly in the Nation.


I have known people who considered moving their business to Michigan but this among other factors made them choose elsewhere.

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No fault was designed to help people overcome injuries in motor vehicle accidents that leaves them permanently disabled. My neighbor's daughter was run off the road by a drunk and is paralyzed from the waist down. The old style insurance would have paid to a certain amount and then she would have been left out in the cold. The State would then have to come to her rescue. If no fault is eliminated we, the taxpayers, will have to foot the bill for all of the seriously injured people, not the insurnce companies. Either way we will be paying. It seems that putting the burden on those who drive and companies that provide insurance is better than creating more welfare costs paid out by all the taxpayers and non drivers.


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