While Ludington's Oriole football team isn't exactly on a big roll for wins, they did win decisively last night against the Spring Lake Lakers, 32-7. Watched the 3rd and 4th quarters and the boys stuck it to the Lakers. Record now stands at 2-5, but they have Homecoming next Friday, and hope to win again. I did notice that MOM radio station had the game on, and that Councilor Castonia, (Cassie), was a co-announcer. I don't think he has the voice nor personality for it personally, dull and uninspired imho. Better stick to something else, like praising Barnett and Shay for all their Shyster works, lol. 

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You're incorrect on the playoffs. They made the playoffs around 2012 losing to escanaba at esky.

last playoff, corrected, was only a few years ago, but we lost, out of town. This time we may have home field advantage, if we win at MCC next Friday, it's a 7-2 record, and we "may just get Home Field" advantage to operate from, and that would be a positive factor to start with.

Currently, all teams in class B that have qualified for the playoffs. Ludington has the lowest total play off points. Even with a win against MCC, I doubt ludington will get a home playoff game. If they are lucky they will only travel to manistee. Other wise it's back to escanaba. If they go south, trouble awaits. We'll just have to wait until next Sunday. Just to be safe, I'd gas up the car.

Orioles vs. Eskimos in Escanaba today. Lud. up 12-7 at halftime. Now in 4th quarter, only a few minutes left, Lud. was down 20-12, and now Orioles have scored twice with a TD and 2 extra points to tie the game 20-20. 3:22 time to go now.

One heck of a State Playoff game. Escanaba scored with 1 minute left, Eskimos 27- Orioles 20. Orioles marched back again to 11 yard line, then get intercepted on a pass in the end zone. Final: 27-20 Loss, sad but great game.

Not a bad year for the Orioles, perhaps it would have been a different story if it was a home game with Escanaba.  Escanaba thinks so much of us that they have named their main street after our city.  

LHS Orioles football tonight: Orioles 34 - Montague Wildcats 14. The first half was dull for us & unexciting, score 14-0 in favor of the visitors Montague. But the coach Guncil must have had a serious talk with the boys during the break. The 3rd quarter saw a whole different team on the field. We scored a quick TD on a fumble in the first 1-2 minutes. Then in the next few minutes we got an interception on a pass, and scored in another quick TD to missing the extra pt. afterward, now 14-13. The rest of the game we played like champs, and were up by 20 pts. by the end, quite exciting and robust play. The last game we had against Montague was 1968, some 54 years ago. I believe we are 2-1 in Division play, and 4-1 now for the season Home Opener. Next Friday it's Homecoming  against Manistee, our oldest rival, and we should win it. Todd (Scoop) Hansen was the great announcer by radio on WMOM, thanks. He is just a wonderful announcer for us, as usual.

LHS HOMECOMING TONIGHT, Ludington Orioles 45 - Manistee Chippewas 21. Now 5-1 on the season, doing real well in Class B. It's the second oldest revalry in Michigan High School history, 145th meeting over the past. We now have 70 wins and 11 ties. Next week may be different story, against the Whitehall Vikings. The announcer Todd Hansen claims they are a real good team, so we may have problems, time will tell.

Good to see Ludington football doing so well and winning homecoming.  Whitehall will be a challenge, they have averaged over fifty points in their last four game while allowing 3.5-- one of those lopsided victories came against Manistee 56-0.  Ludington will be top tier if they score the upset.

Tonight traveled to Whitehall, not good at all. Half-time score: Whitehall Vikings 56 - Ludington Orioles 0. Will update later if we improve, but there was a lot of penalties on both sides, and turnovers by both as well.

LHS Football tonight against Muskegon Orchard View: Game forfeited by visitor, cancelled due to injuries and other problems, no game in Ludington at all. So, we get a win for the forfeit, and go on from here.

Last game of the reg. season tonight: LHS 28 - MCC 8,won again, 7 wins 2 losses for this year. What another great year for our Orioles.


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