Local Citizen Gets Court-ordered Audit of Suspicious Voting Machines

Almost immediately after Election Day, the voting results in Antrim County were very suspicious.  A small county that reliably voted for Republicans, giving Donald Trump a 4000 vote margin in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, flipped very decidedly for Joe Biden in 2020, according to the preliminary results.  A recount found that the stable, deeply conservative community carried Trump to an easy victory in Antrim, yet it also showed that precincts that trended for Biden often had turnout at well over 100% (How does that even happen?).  The Ludington Torch explored those irregularities in Artifice in Antrim.  

Such irregularities, and the inability to figure out whether the cause was due to human error (which was initially denied by Antrim authorities), due to the suspicious Dominion voting machines, or even due to serial fraud in certain precincts, fueled a lawsuit filed by an Antrim County resident who used to live in Mason County.   

On November 23rd, William (Bill) Bailey filed a lawsuit whose objective was not tied to the skewed presidential tabulation, rather it was to settle a ballot issue that had an initially tied vote in Central Lake Township at 262-262.  A tabulation made three days later had the issue pass by one vote, but Bailey maintains that three damaged/cured votes were not counted by the Dominion machine, which would have made the proposal fail.  Bailey's attorney, Matthew DePerno of Portage, argued various Constitutional rights and statutory laws were violated, requesting injunctive relief to the point where the voting machines could be photographed and forensically investigated by the plaintiff.  Judge Kevin Elsenheimer agreed in his order, allowing such review.

"It is a “greater public interest” right now to confirm “the accuracy, integrity and security of the election process” than potential future misuse of election software discovered during the examination", Elsenheimer wrote. 

On Sunday, December 6th, Bailey (pictured second from right), Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, county administrator Pete Garwood, county attorney Haider Kazim, three county commissioners, a county IT technician and seven members of the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG, a group affiliated with Trump’s election litigation team), looked at 22 Dominion machines.  In the court order, the evidence cited by Bailey comes from a report made by ASOG, which was specifically granted access to the examination by the judge.  This appears to be the first official forensic audit of the popular Dominion voting machines used on November 3, 2020, and if ASOG finds anything of interest to help their overall case for President Trump, this foray into Antrim County could change the game.

The examination lasted for most of the day, and results of the forensic examination are expected to come out by the end of Tuesday.  We will carry those results here.

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The Rush Limbaugh link I posted has been removed so I am posting another. He starts talking about the elections options shortly after the video begins.


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