The MCP  has noted several Police Calls as "Suspicious" incidents in their Police/Fire log, April 3, 2018 and, other dates

6 Out of 17 on this date were deemed "suspicious" and, this seems to be a recurring theme in Ludington Police reports.

Is this just an excuse to violate People's Rights? Or, are all these People in Ludington really, "suspicious"?

Inquiring minds want to know...

The COL has been called out numerous times as well for their suspicious and corrupt behavior yet, we never see their names posted in this MCP Log.

If Ludington has so many "suspicious reports", shouldn't the Public be properly informed?

Too bad Patty can't take this cake...

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Do you know what "suspicious" means as used by law enforcement?

Good point, John Doe, here is a shot of the suspicious going-ons for April 3.  It's quite a shame they never see suspicious behavior when it happens with their fellow officials.  Three of these involve suspicious vehicles:  "Honest, Officer, I am not loitering here or stalking that sports car."

Suspicious used to mean anything out of the ordinary. In Mason County it means anything made up by Police, officials, and others to deem someone a threat to their personal space or a flagrant reason to unlawfully investigate, interrogate, and intimidate people away from the truth by excessive force.

I'm inclined to believe that many of the incidents labelled suspicious situation, vehicle or person are officer-generated events that they use in order to primarily bump up their activity logs and make it appear to their superiors and the public that they are paying attention and actually doing something during their shift.  

Secondarily, it gives them an opportunity to do a little official mischief under the guise of potentially alleviating a community threat, such as if a citizen had a bus in their backyard over the last few years.

well suspicion is something you also say when you can't figure out what it is that you are looking at..... & considering the CoL police "detectives" can't find their butt with both hands ,all of this makes sense.... for example .... WHERE is Baby Kate...?  WHY do we have a heroin problem when there is about 30 people out there doing it in the city...?  or my personal favorite the Chinese girl that "committed suicide" & was found floating in City Marina with NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL and NO WATER in LUNGS......yet somehow nobody is taken to task on these issues....

Just look at the top for answers.  A police chief that asks that meetings be conducted with wisdom and civility at the beginning of each city council meeting in his invocation, then later falsely accuses a citizen of throwing rocks at people, punishing good people, making 'crappy' comments that made people cower in fear, smearing dirt on police, etc. because that citizen points out that money in the Shop with a Cop program was unaccounted for.  In his diatribe, he never touches upon the core issue.


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