Man receives $128 ticket for warming up car in his own driveway

ROSEVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan man is furious after he was ticketed $128 for warming up his car in his own driveway.

On Jan. 2nd, Nick Taylor started his car to warm it up before going inside for five minutes, Click on Detroit reports. When he went outside to check the vehicle, he discovered a ticket that read, “vehicle parked in drive with keys in ignition, motor running — no one around.”

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin says leaving the key in your vehicle while it is unattended is “a public safety issue.” If you use a remote starter and the key isn’t in the car, it is OK.

On Thursday, an angry Taylor took to Facebook about the incident.

“Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dip**** K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own driveway,” the post read.

“Unattended car?” Taylor said. “I’ve done this every day for seven years. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan.”

Hundreds of people replied to the post, many wondering why this is something police would ticket.

One post read, “This is so unnecessary” while another simply asked “why.”

The photo has more than 13,000 shares, 4,900 comments and 4,600 likes.

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And, so it begins....
Charges have been filed against the Police Chief for telling Nick to drop dead.

When a police chief tells someone in his bailiwick to "Drop dead", how could you not take that as a threat?   He has control over dozens of guys and gals with guns, and apparently little regard for lesser animals.

I'm guessing that the insurance companies lobbied law makers to create the laws governing this situation because they did not want to pay for stolen vehicles. The insurance lobbyists have had a tremendous affect on laws regarding vehicles and motorists. The seat belt laws are one example. It used to be that we could start our cars, lock the door then let it warm up while waited in a warm building. I've had several vehicles that would not allow the car to be locked when the motor was running and when the gear shift is set on park.

Per Michigan vehicle code 257.676, the "vehicle running must be in a public roadway", in order to be considered unsafe and ticketable. The car in question was in a "private driveway", so, the ticket is not enforceable. The officer also trespassed on private property to issue the ticket, probably while his own police car, was running in a public roadway to keep him warm. Very petty and wasteful actions by Roseville officer. I also noted that a link said Chief Berlin said that animal control should shoot lost dogs, and drown lost cats, instead of finding owners, per the local animal control officer's brother, whom quit that job in protest.

 Aquaman, you are right that MCL 257.676 does not apply here, but the above rule I mentioned before in the Uniform Traffic Code does.  This link shows Roseville adopted the UTC for Cities, which means that anytime you leave a vehicle running unattended, even on your own property, you are eligible to be cited. 

That being said, I think the rule is overbroad and worthy of critical review, amendment, and/or repeal.  I must concur with IHAN that the media can steer a story like this to create a story, but I think it's a worthy effort on their part if they do it with integrity, and it sure has dredged some interesting skeletons in the chief's closet.

  Heck everybody know the bad guys don't get until Noon

Here's the last year's episode of the parking car ticket thread from Roseville, Mi.. Not sure if the video of the courthouse case is here yet.

Look at the video X posted, then skip to the third video: "Michigan Judge orders man to pay ticket: time, 25:38 long, that explains a lot.

Another monumental waste of the publics money to prosecute such a minor offense. I think Roseville is just another name for Ludington. Definitely some inbreeding going on there to.

Dittos Willy!



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