McDonald's Bakery will continue to operate starting mid-May as "Cops & Doughnuts" of Clare, Mi.. One of 14 old bakeries they now own. Wonder why after four generations they sold out? Anyone know? Will the family continue to run and bake as usual, or are they all retiring?

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Not sure Willy? I cant wrap my head around It? I just shared some of my research in hoping to get more involved but was attacked due to my address. With no regard that I may be fighting for my aging parents and our family business that has been there for 50 plus years? Maybe it is supported/encouraged by COL officials. They never have a very good response if any to questions! I withdraw any support for the site it is a waste, just saying!

I'm not sure what that site administrator is thinking now on fb. As for knocking "the tourists", I do not knock them per se, they have come and gone for all my life, way before I was even around. They come to Lud. to get out of the heat and get cool fresh air by the big lake. I don't much care for their big city driving habits, and all too many are rude to locals. But, they spend good money to come, and many tourist related businesses prosper during the summer months. I am also one of them. But I do not agree with the COL's perspective on ignoring the local infrastructure, in place of making the "tourist related projects" the highest priority. That has to end, and I see no end with the current CM and CA there pushing these warped agendas at every turn. Meanwhile, the weak and inefficient City Council sits there at the behest of John Shay and does his will, they too are a key in this entire fiasco. Change must come, sooner or later. It's sad to think most councilors are going to be elected again due to no opposition running for their ward. But Shay is not elected, and he has done enough damage of recent to be removed, and replaced with someone that cares about the duty to locals.


Because there are so few people willing to seek Councilor's position I advocate increasing the compensation for doing the job. If the Council job paid a decent wage then more people, in my opinion, would readily join in and run for office. Who's going to give up their personal time and time with the family for the pittance that comes with the job. Pay the City Manager less and give that to the Council.


That is an interesting concept. 

What do you believe would be just compensation so that the City could attract a better grade of Councilors?

A good start would be minimum wage plus expenses. The Councilors would keep track of the time spent doing City business and then be paid accordingly. Expenses incurred while doing City business would also be included. This would also be a good method to keep track of just how much time they spend performing their duties.

The charter is a limiting factor for doing this.  Section 5.4 says:  

"The City Council may determine the annual salary of the Mayor, Council Members, City Clerk, and City Treasurer by ordinance. The salaries of the Mayor and Council Members shall not be increased during their terms of office."  This prohibits them from voting for their own raise.

They could at any time vote to raise their compensation, but only their successors will benefit.  The council justifies the constant raising of the city manager, attorney, clerk, treasurer etc. salary as being done to attract better talent, but they haven't done it for themselves for over 20 years.  With the current crop of talent at the city council, this may be a point to consider, however, I believe they did their last raise very improperly by first giving them thousands in travel allocations and expenses even if they lived down the block from city hall before incorporating the 72-fold jump.

When people think that the latest charter amendments were thought up by councilors, the lack of trying to change their compensation is a compelling reason to believe the motivation came from without the council (i.e. city manager and city attorney, who benefit from this tampering).

The job of city councilor is strictly supposed to be likened to a volunteer for a charity, fire dept., or organization that is non-profit, or perhaps even your local church. It's not supposed to be the pay that interests the candidates, it's the pleasure of giving something back to the community. And better yet, to clean up the last administration of corruptness and incompetence, if that was the case. I think the city mgr's. position was paying about $40K to Jim Miller previously. That salary effectively over-doubled when Shay was hired for about $100K. That position could easily be reduced to $50K, and hiring a local, not outsider, would be plenty enough to live on comfortably in the size of a town like Ludington. If that were the case, then $50K would be available to the council of seven members, but that's only about $7100 per year more than present. Maybe X knows the present pay to add that figure to. If say it was $10-12K per year, that would be plenty for the part-time positions, if you don't attract too greedy a crowd. That should also be of concern. 

Our forefathers never intended government work to provide for a lot of money nor a steady occupation. You are supposed to volunteer your talent for a short stint, then go back to work as a citizen. Which begs the question: what does the current city council membership gain by hanging around until their terms are expired? Maybe there IS something more to these positions in money than we are told, or know at face value. I understand the retirees being bored, but the rest aren't telling us all we should know imho.

Aqauaman. It would be nice to have an all volunteer Government but the Country's founders did not envision such a huge intertwined mess that now exists which includes the Federal Government all the way down to local villages. Even a town the size of Ludington probably has a larger Government presence than the entire Federal Government machine that was put together 240 years ago. In this busy World, the only way to attract more people to give up their time is to compensate them.

I see where McDonald's is opening on a Sunday this 15th. Seems odd, don't remember them being open on Sundays, the Sabbath to many locals. Willy, too many if not almost all people today think one way: me, me, me, and me some more. I've given volunteer time and money over my lifetime, and still do from time to time. It's the youngsters 25-45 turn to start doing their part now I feel. Instead, mostly what I see is the me me crowd. You sit on the city council in Detroit or Chicago, yeah, you get a bigger paycheck. Sit in Lud., you shouldn't ask for one imho.


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