"...the Ludington City Council Parks Committee is now recommending the full council not pursue the idea."


Unintended consequence  Shay now has an excuse for the upcoming City Budget shortfall.

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Shay and the rest of the city leaders should take a look at what happened at last night's budget public hearing at the Manistee City Council.  I was there for a FOIA appeal (that story coming soon), but in the first 45 minutes they had the most intriguing budget hearing I have seen.

Manistee has realized that they do not have enough money coming in to keep their programs and services at the same level, and so they have been trimming parts of the budget.  A cavalcade of group representatives offered presentations showing why their current funding was of critical importance to the city, one even came up a second time to suggest another group that had three reps talking themselves up were wrong about their efficacy. 

Shay on the other hand, keeps trying to expand revenues, expand the benefits of city workers, but all we are getting is an expanded and mostly hidden debt that will come due as the city's scheme collapses. 

Thanks for the update shinblind. Shay and some others like affew Kathy, are way off base in their thinking, and this time the idea awoke public attention, and it blew up in their faces. That small loss doesn't stop the Shyster Shay peep from continuing the same behavior into the future though. He has gotten his way about 99% of the time in recent and prior years. I expect this same idea will repeat itself in the future sometime also. When the public goes back in sleep mode, and timing for such actions, like blizzards, or middle of summer busy times, are prevalent, and prevent the public to act and attend. I hope this article is accurate, and we aren't being fooled again to not pay stricter attention.

Remain vigilant..!

Yup, it's NOT OVER YET FOLKS!!!!!!!!! LDN lied again and said city was dropping the issue. Shyster Shay has it for more talk on the city council agenda for THIS MONDAY, 24th. "Remain vigilant" like Brad says, and anyone that can attend or send them another email is strongly encouraged to do so asap. Then tell the councilors for this idea, "BYE BYE", quit or you get recalled! Thanks.


The COLDNews, believe it or not, didn't lie this time, the article says:  "(Committee Chairman Krauch) believed there was a consensus to recommend the council not pursue the issue.  No one disagreed.  City Manager John Shay said the issue is now expected to come to the full city council when it meets next at 6:30 p.m. Monday."

That is what happened, and the memo above (from the councilor packet) reflects the sentiments of the committee.  What's worrisome is that in the "discussion of their recommendation", the committee members may not field a strong argument against it, that it may get voted on, and may be passed on the spot. 

That's why it would be prudent for as many people, citizens, tourists, and non-homestead property owners to come and voice their opposition.  The City may have some of their own come forth in support, and brainwash others with fuzzy logic like they did with Deb Del Zoppo.

Sorry, I didn't see any hidden Memorandum on the link for the agenda packet. Did the LDN print this? It's very seldom that anything Shyster Shay supports gets voted down, or not recommended by a committee. As for Krauch, he intentionally left a change.org petition at home last spring regarding the west end project, so the city council didn't see it until the yes vote was cast unanimously for the grant application. After another 2 weeks passed, it was noted, way late. Shyster Shay stated that it wasn't relevant anyhow, as many that opposed it now lived out of town, even though they were born and raised in Ludington. How can anyone trust any of these two men after witnessing that? If they do vote this idea down now, don't be surprised if it reappears again into the near future.

Makes me wonder how long the city manager would be in a town he was not raised in if let go? Probably not long, like the last Mayor. The people he shuns on that petition are the ones that that love that city! Sad they have so much wool over their eyes on city council!

That's a good Idea jfc123. Let's get Shay fired and start a pool based on the day and time he leaves town. But, it would be Ludington's citizens bad luck if he hung around town and turned into a penniless, long bearded, homeless, bottle collecting, vagrant who lurks about and pan handles at stop lights with a "anything helps, God bless" sign.....wait a minute, I forgot that when  he leaves he will be receiving a small fortune in severance pay and retirement benefits that will allow him to drive out of town in a gold Cadillac

Boy Willy, you sure got that right. He'll get a "big compensation" package, after already getting about $1.5 Million in pay to this date, plus benefits up to now. In the History of Ludington, no one individual EVER made that much MONEY, working for the COL. And NO INDIVIDUAL ever made the recommendations and decisions that the City Council unanimously agreed to either, time after time, without the voters consent. It's a Legacy in itself, not James St. Plaza.


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