Of term limits and

Democracy, Henderson

and Hypocrisy


Committee for a

Stronger Ludington Decides

To define its goal

It's Democracy!

Allow us to vote for John

For fourth and Fifth terms.

People need choices

Need to have their voices heard

Don't restrict our vote.

Democracy: Good

People need to have their say

More terms mean more say.

Let me get this straight:

Want to hear the people's voice?

Is that what John wants?

September 24, 2012 Ludington City Council Meeting

Please check this time out

Twelve Twenty in video

What does Mayor say?

"Tom that is enough

Your time is up, you have five

Minutes, Your time is up."

Tom plaintively says:

"Can I have a little more

Your Honor?" (pause) "No"

October 8, 2012 Ludington City Council Meeting

Twelve twenty-five in

The Mayor says:  "Alright, Tom,

That's your five minutes."

August 27, 2012 Ludington City Council Meeting

Ten minutes and five

Seconds into this, John breaks in:

"Tom, that's five minutes."

Tom says:  "Last July,

A person named Jon Cade had

Seven minutes and...

Twenty-four seconds

To cite his piece."  John looks quizzed

And comes back with this:

"We try to follow

The five minute rule, you have

Used your five minutes."

This is just a few

Of the times the Mayor quelled

Any discussion

Mayor wants more time

To move Ludington forward

For democracy.

His actions and acts

Silencing any critics

Pure hypocrisy.

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I did not have to post a link. But what would you do if a friend asked a simple favor that is easy to do and causes no harm to anybody? Would you refuse?

Here is that link again for those who might have missed it:



Whether that site is open or closed is not for me to explain. Far be it from me to tell any site manager how to run their website. That site manager has a right to run his website however he chooses, whether 'open' or 'closed'.

If he were not banned from this site, he wanted to post and say "Thank you and Aquaman for your interest in Eye On Ludington".


If you come on here only to advert-EyEs some lame website that plans on pulling up its stakes at any time, it could be looked at as as spamming us, which is against the Terms of Service.      



Sorry. I am not trying to spam. Just wanted to answer Willy's post, and trying to help that site's owner with a link that might be beneficial to your readers.

But if you believe it is against the rules then I will not post the link again.

It is what it is.  If you provide a link to support your point, entertain, or for its newsworthiness, that's fine, and if you link to a site once and say it's great, fine.  But continuing to do so, is advertising/spam in my book, which is strongly discouraged here.

The latest meeting

Submitted for reproval

Has the following:


Rotta is cut off

Five minutes, interrupted

By Mayor, Heckler.


Historic District

Bill Stumpf leads public comment

Eight minutes, forty.  [15:12 to 23:52]


Don Clingan then spoke

Of sculptures, Badger, ho, hum,

Five and twenty-two.  [29:05 to 34:27]


Ryan Reed indeed

Oddfellow Building re-did

Six minutes and six.  [1:10:30 to 1:16:36]


Kendra Thompson next

Manistee's contribution,

Five minutes, fifty.  [1:17:00 to 1:22:50] 


Four spoke over five,

Mayor kept quiet, and yet

All were for district.


Stronger Ludington

Is not a community

Ran by bureaucrats.

Nice work HC.

I should have brought my own stopwatch, so when Bill, Don, Ryan, and Kendra went five minutes, I could have motioned to John that their five minutes were up, so he could tell them "We try to follow the five minute rule, you have used your five minutes."

Like that would have happened.  Thanks, HC, you use Haiku, others for this amendment use Haipocrisy.


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