You will not believe what just happened.. I pulled in to the Wesco to get some gas and a coffee 'n doughnut. When I walked up I noticed these 2 cops, each one in their Explorer, watching a woman who was smoking while pumping gas.. I saw her & thought, "Is she stupid?!! Isn't that against the law? And with  the cops right there too?!"
But anyway, I went in & got my coffee. As I was checking out, I heard someone screaming.. I looked outside & the woman's arm was on fire! She was swinging her arm & running around going crazy! I ran outside & the cops had put her on the ground & were putting the fire out with their coffees!!
Then they put handcuffs on her & threw her in the police car.. I was thinking she shouldn't have been smoking near the pump while getting gas but why are they arresting her? ! But being the nosey person that I am, I asked the cops what they were arresting her for...The cop looked me dead in my eyes & said ... "Waving  a Firearm!" 

Sorry, Couldn't resist.

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You had me going on that one shinblind. That's a funny one. Believe it or not, just a few weeks ago I saw a gas delivery tanker unloading at a gas station and the driver was standing next to the truck smoking a cigarette as he pumped the gas into the ground. After telling the store manager,I exited that station asap.

Well Willy I guess a lot of people are going to get a "BANG" of life , by smoking at the gas  pumps. Their should be sign's saying "NO SMOKING" like it does in other places. That is very bad for people to be smoking  or light a match and drop it some people just don't care.


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