I have spent several hours reading some of the posts on the Ludington Torch recently. I have not been so enlightened and entertained in years.

I was more than likely in over my head when I commented on the media local media in the Ludington area recently. I am completely unfamiliar with them and anything they publish or do. I would sincerely hope folks are not literally copy and pasting other people's work and calling it their own. However, I have lived to see this done to my work (well....my previous business world because I have not really worked my business in quite some time).

It has been years since I have read about or seen people who speak their mind so very clearly and openly as XLFD and some of the other regular posters on the Ludington Torch. BRAVO!

We all need to be validated for what we do well and I think XLFD has been very classy about keeping folks in the group that are not interested in healthy debate and open thinking. I have learned quite a bit and have been fascinated. The more I read the better it gets.

Transparency is more precious than gold and lives in the same house as Integrity.  Some folks can't be bought...unfortunately I have learned that they can be bullied and intimidated. It is awesome to see folks standing up for their rights.

I look forward to reading more and getting to know more of the regular posters on this site. Whether or not I share the same opinions, I enjoy learning and hearing about other people's experiences and perspectives.

My 2 cents and a huge Thank You to those who contribute because my brain has been dead for several years and I feel I've had a jump start and it might just be working again....no guarantees though.

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Any new member outside of the area who comments must accept the fact that they will at least initially be behind the curve, but your comments are well taken and even more well-received.  I do know the Synergy News Director (Steve Ruba) and the Mason County Press editor (Rob Always) personally, and my impression after an investigation into the issue between them is that it is much ado about nothing. 

Truly, the radio station's Facebook news page does sometimes run with photographs that are in the MCP.  More often, they run with stock photos they get from Googling images concerning the news topic of the day, or other news agency's photography.  Ruba may use the MCP reportage for additional information, but he seems to always relay it with his own style, and looks through many sources of news before he decides what to run with.  The Facebook page does not generate revenue for the radio station, it's purely informational.  So Rob's public outrage seems more like a bully tactic than anything with any merit. 

Thanks a lot for your appreciation of this site and the content herein.  I have always thought the Ludington Torch aspires to be a lot like those sunglasses in the cult SF film They Live!   At its best, it allows you to see through the unreal, and see what's behind it all.  But be careful, you leave those glasses on for too long and you'll get a nasty headache: 


ROFL....never in my life have I seen this clip or movie....what a flippin hoot!  Sooooo true.

A side note....my oldest son was only 5 when he returned a lolli-pop to a vendor and said, "this is just a trick isn't it."  It was at a Fair and the lady sold the lolli-pops for 25cents.  A person pulls one and hopes to win a larger prize.  When he didn't win....he knew....it was a trick...and without prompting, he handed it back and said, "this is a trick isn't it? I would like my money back."  When ya smell something strange....98.999 percent of the time....it is definitely strange. 

One of my favorite movie lines is from that movie, where he goes into the bank and talks about chewing bubble gum and kicking butt... and being all out of bubble gum

I have to see this movie.  I'll figure out how in the next few days. 

Gotta love great movie lines.  I've memorized so many....one of my favorites is, "All I can say is, all of  his tattoo's are spelled correctly."  Another is, "all you had to do was puush on the daw bell" (trying to spell phonetically).  Sometimes movies can say what we cannot....and music too.  Thankfully there is still a voice, when words fail us.

I have to see this movie. I'll figure out how in the next few days.

Gotta love great movie lines. I've memorized so many....some of my favorites are, "All I can say is, all of his tattoo's are spelled correctly" and "all you and to do was puush on the daw bell" (trying to spell phonetically). Sometimes movies can say what we cannot....and music too. Thankfully there is still a voice, when words fail us.

I have never heard of "They Live". I'll check it out on the internet.

Thank you for your being here and your concern! I feel like we are on the same page and may know one another? Regardless we should fight for the greater good! WELCOME!!

Thanks for the welcome :)

As far as I know, I don't know you.  Do you know me? 

Well said IHaveANotion and you are absolutely correct about X. He is a rare breed who has taken it upon himself to almost single handidly take on the media and politicians. The amazing thing is that he is right and he backs up his opinions with facts, which is something that the local news rarely does. The media and politicians have tried to crucify X but can't because as I said, he is on the right side of the truth. Lying politicians and the lying press are the true evils in today's society.


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