The same numbskulls running the City who continue to defy the FIOA laws are again trying to alter the West end of Ludington Ave. They just won't give up. They continue to try and waste the taxpayers money. 

"A proposal to make major changes to the west end of Ludington Avenue is scheduled to come back to the Ludington City Council Monday and the council could set public hearings in March to learn reactions of residents to the idea of seeking grant money from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to pay for those changes.

The council has discussed the issue many times in the past and has sought grant money for the work, with the hope this might be the year the work is funded.

One phase of the project that has been planned for several years is building a concrete walkway along the beach in front of the dune between the Ludington North Breakwater and the west end of Ludington Avenue, where the pavement ends, plus a portion of the promenade area where the avenue ends.

Another idea the council has discussed in the past would close off the westernmost block of the street to vehicles and pave it with bricks, add short shrubs and create a paved area where tents could be erected and parties held."

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Shinblind. WOW! I hope nobody decides to do any of those Ideas. That's nuts


I will tell you what is nuts, James Street Plaza ver. 3.0  how many times are they going to try to polish this turd. 

It would replace the 36 parking spaces in the 2 block downtown area with 150 parking spaces.

Traffic would flow smother. Three stop lights for Ludington should be a CW song not the joke it is.

You would end up with an actual pedestrian area that would that would lead to something better than a parking lot.

The cost to the DDA would be minimal for the returns. 

There would be the potential to expand the concept for an additional 2 or 3 blocks should the need ever arise.

The area south of Ludington  Ave. between Rath and James could be developed to it's potential.

What is nuts stump is ignoring fundamental flaws in the layout of the area and not trying to improve them.

City Council- Parks Committee meeting today, 3:30 at city hall.

If anybody goes, take notes and let the rest of us know what happened.

Did anybody make it to this meeting? It's time conflicted with my work... like most I suspect.


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