Wouldn't something like this be  better use for the West End of Ludington Avenue than the current Scheme to turn it into a fudgie plaza?


Wouldn't the taxpayers of Ludington be better served by installing a floating water park than plodding along with with the 15 year old plan to develop the West End and the other plan to construct a "free" splash pad.

it seems like a great location. 

The cost would be minimal.

It is not permanent if it doesn"t pan out.

The water there is shallow and warms up quickly.

It is protected from large waves and undertow.

It would  be require minimal infrastructure costs.

It could fee based without the hassle of charging for parking like the Stearns Park fiasco.

It would not be a permanent eyesore like the kayak plan.

It could be rented out off hours for parties or adult fun, nothing like a beer tent and waterpark.

Did I mention it would probably make money.

No something like this would have the potential to be an asset to the city  without being dragging down the local taxpayer.

And yes it might be feasible in other locations, the clearcut at Copeyon Park or PM bayou if it is ever cleaned up.

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I think jfc's idea for an alternate location was much more reasonable, and safe. Thanks Willy for the pics. that surely depict what is in store for the west end. It's a travesty that this area will be lost to locals forever, and the fudgies will now take over there. Only an outsider big city type could imagine and promote this farce.

Ludington doesn't need a damn thing! If you are too blind to see the most beautiful beach in the world then go home!


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