So a little blurb about an incident over a waffle maker at the America's Best Value Hotel appeared in the COLDNews Tuesday in "From the Record":


MeCSOe deputies responded to a report of a disturbance at 9:04 a.m. Sunday at America’s Best Value Inn. According to a police report,e more than 20 people were asked to leave the motel after an argument over the waffle maker in the lobby.

My first thought - were they from a U-M fraternity??

Somehow this story has gone viral - sort of - when I found this hilariously written article in none other than America's McPaper, USA Today:

An entertaining read. Great nationwide advertisement for Ludington!

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Thanks for the article, MED, I realized this senseless story had made its way across the state papers and newsrooms, but hadn't realized it had went national until now.  I hadn't realized that it may have been a cross-cultural dispute that led to the hubbub, but it's always funny to see whether the various news outlets from far away refer to Sheriff Kim Cole with feminine pronouns.  Maybe Undersheriff Jody Hartley should be writing the press releases...

This is how news gets twisted. The fight was not over a waffle maker. It was over someone cutting in line ahead of everyone else. Waffles had nothing to do with it. This could have happened at a movie theater or anywhere else people are lined up and waiting. I myself have had the urge to knock out line cutters when I was waiting in a line.  I don't hear anything from the liberal press about the massive line cutters which are the millions of illegals cutting in front of other folks who are entering the Country legally. They should be knocked out and dragged back across the border.

You're right Willy, this sounds like it started with a huge misunderstanding. If people had a bit more patience, and did not immediately jump to violence, our society would be better off. 

I saw this mentioned on USA Today as well, right up at the top of the page of course.... I guess on the upside that this incident and the also infamous 'not enough sprinkles on the ice cream' incident were both thanks to out of towners so it doesn't make the locals look any more goofy then we already are :-)

More weird news out of Clare: a 17 year old boy was alone at his house on Saturday afternoon when he heard someone coming up the stairs toward his room.  A naked strange man, over 50 years old was calling the boy's name, and standing in the hall.  Fortunately, the teen had a Louisville slugger at hand and chased the pervert home-invader out of the house, and allegedly did some damage to the weirdo's car.  Be on the lookout for a white Buick Enclave drove by an odd-acting older man with a dented hood and a damaged headlight.  Probably a local city councilor or county commissioner, if I were to profile the perp.

hey that looks like my hubby daning, lololooloo

Stupid is as stupid does. Well, if this had been local Ludingtonians, we probably would have had a "waffling dance" when a long line like this develops. I would have volunteered to cook waffles for everyone in line, and make a party out of the entire deal. In the case of "big city" people, they just showed how aimless and greedy they really are. You can easily witness this too by the way they drive around our town, way too fast, and very aggresive. When I see any significantly long lines anywhere for anything, mostly due to "big city people" here locally, I just leave and go elsewhere. Amazing way to draw attention to Kim Cole, the media hound again, and also our fair small town. This Hotel should just discontinue their free breakfasts into the future. 

Methinks we should just call this it's appropriate name from now on, "Waffle-gate", lol. How many cranked-out tourists can fight for a 25 cent waffle? And again, MCSO, shame you admit and agree to sooo much time and energy spent on such a farce! Grow up, and realize, this aint rocket science, nor police emergency status material! Boy, I say, say, you gotta realize it, boy, this is a JOKE son! Oh well, at least Cole got his pound of flesh and media hound attention again anyhow, and afterall, isn't that what this guy is all about nowadays anyhow? 


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