If you haven't already, please watch the videos of Bar Stool Sports Dave Portnoy gifting money to small business owners.

A fine example of "We the People" standing up for goodness and what is right!

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Is this the short version of what you are referencing?  As of Wednesday morning, the Barstool Fund has raised about $18.8 million from more than 150,000 supporters with help going to 79 businesses nationwide.

Yes, Please watch some of the clips. Have tissues handy though because every time I watch one , I weep.

At least someone is doing something to help the "little people'...

I never heard of the guy but he is taking action and doing the right thing. Well not quite. It's time for all the businesses to open up and tell the Government to go screw itself and start serving the public and it's time the people stand up and say that's enough of implementing communists polices on a free people. For God's sake's people stand up. Unless your old and feeble and susceptible to not only Covid but to the flu I suggest that everyone start acting like you care about your rights and freedom or we will be losing them.

I agree; any business subsidization process is insufficient if businesses lose their freedom to operate due to government regulations and restrictions.  I hope some of this money is being used to actively educate and energize the public in order to get them to the proper order of things:  that government needs to be regulated and restrained.  President Trump understood that, Joe Biden never will, as witnessed by his:  "I don't work for you!" yelled at a Michigan union member.


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