The court report is quite lengthy and interesting this morning. I decided that I would Google each offender to see what they were up to before their recent visit to what seems like a very busy court. Perp number one who is in front of the judge for not having a license ( at least the second offense) popped up as a bad guy who recently smuggled Fentanyl into his last visit to the local jail . You remember that story right? I sure do. Hard to forget the mugshot , the neck and face tattoos and the emboldened look on his face.  Why is he not in jail for dealing and delivering Fentanyl? 

 X, if you are so inclined. Please tell us what the hell is going on here with the lack of sentencing for really bad offenses? Why is this guy out running around our streets?

It seems like the same scenario for all of the bad guys. The revolving door of justice here is galling to law abiding /tax paying citizens. Does anyone ever think this will get better? 

I will continue to read the rest of the court blotter and I am sure I will find the same story with the rest of the cast of characters. 

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Comment by XLFD on September 5, 2020 at 2:00pm

Came through perfect.  Perhaps let me know of further research you perform, and I will try to do further research and consolidate it into an article for the LT forum and for our Facebook presence, the Ludington Pitchfork.  

Comment by Lake Lady on September 5, 2020 at 12:18pm


I am not very tech savvy , but please let me know if this went through. As I went through the list there are even more eye raising situations. What the hell is our law enforcement and our municipal legal system doing to keep us safe? I don't buy the COVID thing since many of these perps are under 30 and and have not even been to court for sentencing .

Also, if COVID is a concern ( not) why are they not tethered and under house arrest? One would think strangling someone, dealing dangerous drugs, sexually assaulting someone etc would be reason enough to get these criminals off the streets. Also, why is the Ludington Snooze or the CC or the DDC not concerned about all of this? Not great for tourism folks!

If I was renting a slip at one of the  the Municipal Marina's and sleeping there at night, I certainly would not want to know what is prowling around just outside my little wooden door of my very expensive yacht.

Comment by XLFD on September 5, 2020 at 11:18am

This sounds like a severe case of somebody letting people out of jail (and/or prison) possibly due to the Covid-19 hysteria that had progressive politicians wanting to clear the jails out, when ideally they should be one of the safest places to weather out a virus.  

So let's say that they did release some people involved with non-violent offenses like perp 1, and even went further and released some violent offenders early like perp 2 out of health concerns or for some other reason that the public probably won't ever find out about (due to the state emasculation of the FOIA and OMA over the last 6 months and officials remaining mute), then how does that make the community safer or even these people's lives safer?  Because in case you haven't noticed, they're still inclined to break the laws, which include executive orders meant to provide for the public health.  This includes Nick Wroble, who should still have over two years on his minimum sentence, but he's out creepily stalking young teenage girls.  In case you haven't noticed it on the Ludington Pitchfork, he was put in jail on September 2nd for some undisclosed reason.  

If you have the scanning capacity, could you provide today's court report, Lake Lady?  Many of our readers do not have the money to afford or will to subscribe to the COLDNews.

Comment by Lake Lady on September 5, 2020 at 8:47am

Dear Lord!

Perp number two , brought up on the same charge of no license , has an even more disturbing history. 

He is a registered sex offender, arrested last year for assault, and this March for strangulation with a possible sentence of 10 years? Remember him?

It is now 6 months since March, why is this guy in a car driving around and not in jail ? This is insanity. Is there no parole violation accountability  

here? Is the house arrest BS and ankle bracelet restriction just completely ignored and not enforced?

I want to hear from the two gentlemen running for judge here this next election cycle and hear what they have to say about the really dangerous criminal system here and how they are planning on dealing with it.

Is this all about keeping the local defense attorneys in business or something more sinister?

This is a very small city and I have never seen such crime. I would love it if X could find the raw data. I agree that X should become a lawyer. We need someone to clean this mess up.

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