Below is a list of announced and potential candidates:


Formally exploring:

* Joe Schwarz, Former Republican Member of Congress, 2002 Republican candidate for Governor

Democratic Party


* Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing
* Andy Dillon, Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives
* Alma Wheeler Smith, member of the Michigan House of Representatives

Formally exploring

* Dan Kildee, former Genesee County Treasurer


* Jim Barcia, Member of the Michigan Senate/former U.S. Congressman
* George Perles, former Michigan State University head football coach
* Don Williamson, Former Mayor of Flint

Republican Party


* Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff
* Mike Cox, Michigan Attorney General
* Tom George, Michigan State Senator
* Peter Hoekstra, U.S. Congressman
* David R. Kniffen, entrepeneur and inventor
* Timothy Rujan, Huron County Commissioner
* Rick Snyder, businessman


* Candice Miller, Member of Congress
* Ted Nugent, entertainer

Formally exploring

* Joe Schwarz, Former Republican Member of Congress, 2002 Republican candidate for Governor

I think this year's election is going to be a lot like the last
presidential election except that instead of a republican being ousted,
its going to be a democrat. During the last presidential run, I think
its safe to say that people were tired of Bush/republicans and that
pretty much any candidate that ran against the republican candidate was
going to win. Here in Michigan I definitely get the feeling that the
same can be said of the democrats and in particular, Granholm. The
republicans could run Elmer Fudd and have a pretty good shot at him
beating the dem candidate.

Anyway, I believe another problem that the Dem's are going to have is
that to this point, they are all pretty much unknown, at least as far
as being known throughout the state. It's not to say that all of the
republican candidates are well known but I think there is a decent
percentage of residents that have heard of Mike Cox and Peter Hoekstra.
A new name on the republican side has been making himself known with
his "One Tough Nerd" ads, Rick Snyder. In the space of a few months
Snyder has increased his poll numbers from around 3 or 4% to 12% in one
of the most recent polls. I did take a look at his website recently
because I was curious and think there were some validity to the points
and issues that were made there. At this point, a business man/person
might be the route to go in local, state and national races... it seems
politicians in general have proven that they can do nothing but spend
our money pretty good without much concern for the outcome.

It should be a fun race this year.. it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Do any of you have any thoughts on any of the potential candidates? Ya think the dem's have a shot at all or is it republican version of the 2008 presidential race?

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I think you're right about the party switch, Dave. I'm quite interested in Rick Snyder, and I'm going to be watching "the nerd" closely.
It should be a race that does favor the Republican candidate, even though Michigan has turned blue. Unless they get afflicted with the same hubris the Dems had last year, or we see a strong independent run, the winner of the Republican primary will likely get the nod.

My personal favorite it Pete Hoekstra. He serves us well in the House and has held key posts respectably. Perhaps he can shift the focus away from Detroit and on Michigan as a whole. I also like him because he has been an avid bicyclist, and we definitely need more of those in positions of power so as to clarify our laws.
I try to cast my vote on whoever has their views closest to mine, and when that fails to bring it down to one, I will see who appears to be more frank and earnest in their approach. I don't want any more congressmen as chief executives (see how that has worked on the national scale!), so Hoekstra, George and Schwartz are out for me.

I worry about the headlines/posters we would have with Cox running: "Polls Show Women Love Cox", "Hoekstra Says He Will Be Able to Deal With Newly Resurgent Cox", "The Nunnery Received Cox Warmly, Was Asked to Come Again." The Lansing Journal will have a field day for the whole election cycle.

Other than that, I don't know much about the other candidates, except for Mr. Wango Tango-- and you know I would vote for him in a minute if he doesn't sell out.


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