Hi y'all.  I am the first, and hopefully not the last..., stand-in site manager for the Ludington Torch.  I have been given the power to manage much of what goes on here for the rest of March, at which point, I may either be reappointed, retire gracefully on a pension, or go Alexander Haig on y'all. 


I will try to make the transition as seamless as possible, and will try to continue our track record on free speech and public critiques.  I apologize beforehand for if I screw anything up, but I am already committed to do as little as possible in the realm of managing.


A special thanks to Sheila Johnson, who supplied the picture for this month displaying the beauty of the Big Sable Lighthouse.  I likely won't tamper with it myself, to make it fit the top better, since I don't have the skills, and X said he was OK with it since the lighthouse fit between the words OK.  I get the chance to pick next month's picture, so put up some nice ones for me.

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Good luck, Edie. Hope you do a good job.
XLFD why you steppin down?

Edie...You go and do great things here.
I'm not stepping down, I'm stepping back. I'm still going to be here, and help maintain the site and help with any problems.

The Torch seems to be inhabited by many local talents, and I encouraged (and still encourage anyone who has such a desire to) anyone to step to the forefront and manage the site for a month or two. The main pre-requisites was to mind our mission statement, vision, terms of service, and to not go dormant! Few actually applied; hopefully, Edie can show that its not rocket science, so if you have an interest, send me a message.
OMG the inmates are starting to run the asylum now! Oh the horror!! :-O

Kidding of course :-P

Be gentle on us Edie.

And Masonco, XLFD isn't so much stepping down as just letting others who are going to be around more watch the place when he isn't able to be here.
So no mo party time? I was going to ask when the next "gala" was.
I'm sure a party can always be worked out ;-)
Got the tea? :)
I'm sure you'll do a fine job. And good job placing credit for the cool pictures we get of our area!!!
You're already doing a stellar job, Edie. Carry on!
My new rule requires at least one compliment on my job per day; thanks for giving me more than my quota for day one, y'all.
one compliment on my job per day. There I did my duty.


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