Does anyone out there have or know of someone that has a metal detector I could borrow?  My son supposedly lost his glasses out in the snow yesterday at daycare and now they cannot find them.  They went out and looked a few times  & I also went and looked with no luck.  I am thinking they may have gotten broken & he buried them in the snow, but who knows?  All I know is I am not happy because she wasn't suppose to let him play out with them on anyways - and she did- and now they are gone......... and I dont have $170 for new ones (hopefully she does though if they arent found soon)

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The young-ish guy at the wal-mart vision center. Don't know if they have more than one doc there.
Nope, maybe you're ok, but, I'd get a second opinion anyhow. Astigmatism is rare, I was diagnosed with it once, completely and totally false I found out later. Makes all the difference in meds too.
ya she was the first to say it, then we got him checked at Sears optical too ( thats where we ended up getting his glasses - great place down there too) and they said the same thing as Dr Branning (they werent told before his exam that he was already checked before)


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