Just when I thought the people running the city couldn't get more lame I read the article in the Ludington Snooze about the officials playing Whack a Mole with the Homeless Men in the city parks. 

Let me get this straight. A group of homeless men, have been "gathering" in the parks for YEARS every summer and sit all day and smoke as they surf the internet? Hmmmmm? Let me guess what they are looking at online since a high percentage of them are sex offenders. Not the view the condo owners counted on when they put down A LOT of money for their homes or boat slips.

Wow ! This is really great for our image and the safety of the children who play on the awesome playground a stone's throw away. 

So the city manager's solution to the trash, noise, cig butts and the all around nastiness of them lurking around our beautiful park is to shut the WI Fi off for everyone? Seriously?

This is the ultimate of throwing the baby out with the bath water or the teacher taking away everyone's recess because of one bad actor in third grade math class.

How about this City Council and the head of Downtown who seems to be flailing at every decision made lately, pass a no loitering ordinance in the downtown area ? Kick them out! Police Chief Kozals' comments should be alarming to many. He says they cannot site the men because they cannot afford a fine? Did I just really read that? Is that a metric he uses for the rest of us? 

Build it and they will come. Well folks, the city officials are building a Utopia for the homeless, alcoholics , sex offenders and drug addicts and they are enjoying their summers here on our tax dime. 

Tell them to move along every day until they find an appropriate shelter or move on to another city that doesn't have the courage or the desire to deal with them properly. 

Pentwater and Frankfort don't have this problem. I wonder why? I frequent both towns now for the day to shop and visit and they are bustling , vibrant and fun! Their leaders seem to know what they are doing and have the courage to make the tough choices for the well being of ALL the citizens.   One wonders why the businesses here do not go to the chamber and ask why we are not following Pentwater and Frankforts plan?

In the long run, they and the downtown homeowners will suffer the most. Heaven forbid we make the homeless  layabouts more uncomfortable.

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Yikes, I didn't know that I took a solid position on an issue.  

I've been around enough panhandlers in my time to understand their MO, and this guy may have been trying to play me for a donation out of pity for his condition.  I fortunately was just out for a walk and didn't have one red cent on me, but even after he knew that I wasn't a mark, he was still wanting to talk and was interested in what I had to say about things.  On our departure, he actually gave me a calling card and inside information for a line of work that one of my currently unemployed friends is trying to find a job in.  So even though I may have broke the maxim of not talking with strangers, it may have worked to my advantage, because that aforementioned friend will be less likely to hit me up for some money if they take the effort to try and get the job.  The roughest stone sometimes hides the nicest geode.

As far as the only other controversy I brought up about Foster School becoming a community center, I should probably clarify that I did not say 'homeless shelter' or 'homeless congregation building'.  Verily, I would like to see it more child-oriented.  Ideally, I would like to see a charter school there, but if that isn't possible, the centralized location would be an ideal spot for what's commonly called a 'community center', like the "Optimist Hall" is for Scottville, but much bigger and better.   Our elementary kids in the future won't easily be able to go to their elementary after hours or during summer, so this would be something they could go to during those off times and have some fun at if the right things happen.


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