In the last few days, at both Ludington Talks and here, The Ludington Torch, several members have been contacted  either via messages or “friend requests” by what appears to be the same individual operating under the names “DaisyMae”, “John Queere”, “Plan B”, etc.  Aquaman/KN, Edie Lindsey, myself, and others, have received messages that were threatening, fraudulent, and/or inappropriate.  To whit:


1) Aq/KN received this on a “friend request” from John Queere at LT 3-6-10 at 11:38 AM:  “Aww... did {King Neptune's first name} get his feelings hurt?  You know, the sick mother thing is getting old - just admit to us you are an alcholic - that's believable!”  This was several days after Aquaman's mother died, and he hadn’t posted anything for awhile.
2) EL received this on a "friend request" from JQ at LT the previous day:  "It's cute how you hide behind the screen - I bet you wouldn't have the nerve to be bold in person :)"
3) I received this here at the Torch 3-6-10 1:50P-- A suspended member has sent you a message on The Ludington Torch.  Plan B  writes:  "It's okay - I'll be back as someone else. - It's time members knew the truth about {My real name} - or I mean XFLD.  Oh wait - I am already on there as someone else :) and you know something {my first name}? I'm right you know it - and you can't do anything to stop the truth from coming out - should your members know the truth of why you got fired from the Fire department? or maybe they'd like to see who you are in a photo?"


Among others.  I come to this site, and I used to go to Talks, to cordially debate topics, rally around local causes of importance to myself, and check out the wisdom and art of my fellow Torch bearers.  Maybe I make a friend, or change others or my own viewpoint on things in the process.  I don’t come here to find some deranged cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs adult kid contacting me with a threat, an unsubstantiated claim, or any other sort of harassment.  I believe most members would agree with me. 


He/she claims to be an ex-cop.  While I don’t believe this or most of his/her other claims, I myself have had some practice in looking up laws on the web.  Perhaps he/she knows the Michigan Penal Code MCL 750.411h (in its entirety attached below) which deals with Harassment:  conduct directed toward a victim that includes, but is not limited to, repeated or continuing unconsented contact that would cause a reasonable individual to suffer emotional distress and that actually causes the victim to suffer emotional distress.  And Stalking: a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested.


Let this thread be a public notice that any further contact with the members of this site, The Ludington Torch, by this man/woman or his/her operatives will not be tolerated; it will be “unconsented contact”  (as per subsection 1(e)(vi) of the above law) and subject the violator to be criminally liable at the discretion of the member(s) so contacted.  Please, leave, and play in your own muddied sandbox, sir/ma'am.


To make it clear to this individual, you may post a personal notice addressing him of your desire not to be contacted, bothered and/or intimidated by him.




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In another forum, my friend was successful in proving they were stalking by post style, burying legitimate discussions, plus (this is a biggie) using different names to continue to gain access in a specific site. If they were banned a couple times, change their tag and come back posting things like you describe, it can be taken to court. Mike Cox the attorney general does not fool around with this type of thing. They skipped the local and sent the masses of emails, implicating posts and so on and it is in prosecution process by the state attorney general now. The case is being kept hushed because of the sensitive nature but it is now an option. At this time, it appears you have a personal safety issue here.
From XLFD's original post: "To make it clear to this individual, you may post a personal notice addressing him of your desire not to be contacted, bothered and/or intimidated by him."

Guido has made it clear on numerous occasions that he doesn't want contact with this person, but he is constantly sought out & taunted. We had a nice little quid pro quo session going back & forth on LT, with the usual ending of Behr threatening to call the State Police... (he makes himself so obvious.... I wonder if he realizes it). Also, he now thinks that Edie is me.... obviously I haven't posted enough for him to realize who Guido's wife really is ;)

Anyway, after tonight's fiasco, I don't see this man (or whatever it is) going away anytime soon.... he'll be back in another day or so in another incarnation. By the way, we did take screen shots of the "discussion" (for lack of a better term), so if there is any question, it's all documented. I know my hubby has pasted discussions to LT before, but screen shots are a much more valid form of proof, since they are harder to alter (not impossible, just harder). I do not see this person as a serious threat.... if anything, he's a joke.... but if the harassment continues, at least we have the proof needed to show who the real stalker is in the conversations. Personally, I just wish he would find a new toy to play with... he's getting quite tiresome & redundant.
That sounds like an excellent name for him to sign in as "Tiresome and Redundant".

BTW, your hubby took it to him last night. It was like the Ralphie taking on the bully in that Christmas movie, but without the punches or swearing on his part. Give him a good back rub in the future, will ya. Have him post a thread on it over here either in the main forum or SR, particularly if we continue to be harassed by him.
If anyone does want to pursue legal action against this individual, I do have some information that may be helpful when you file your report(s). Be careful though; anyone who posts such violent, hate-filled comments as he did in the SWA link is not someone to tangle with without placing yourself in danger.


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