Back in the 2018 election cycle, Elissa Slotkin, former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs was running for the 8th Congressional District (covering Ingham and Livingston counties as well as a portion of Oakland County) against the incumbent Republican Mike Bishop.  Joe Biden, not then running for president yet, firmly endorsed Slotkin (pictured below) over her primary opponent and Bishop.  

"I first met Elissa when she was helping the Obama team transition into the White House," Biden said in his statement. "Over the years, she advised my team as a Pentagon official on some of the most difficult national security matters. Throughout, I saw first hand her dedication, integrity, and commitment to service."

'Dedication, integrity, and commitment to service'-- remember those qualities that Biden bestowed upon her and fast forward to her explaining to CNN's Jake Topper at 4:25 PM last Thursday why she will not leave Washington D.C. until Congress passed a second coronavirus relief package.

"I just knew that I was not going to go back to my district and walk around and go to the grocery store and have people ask me again about the state of the latest COVID emergency bill, and tell them that because of politics we couldn't get in a room together

Less than 40 minutes later at 4:57 pm she is spotted in her same outfit and filmed at the D.C. airport catching a plane for heading back home.  She was asked why she is leaving D.C. without a COVID relief deal that was passed.   Silence.  She is asked again and says one word, too muffled to comprehend.  She continues on towards her plane.  

This model of dedication, integrity, and commitment to service (according to current Presidential candidate Joe Biden) states that she is planning on staying around Washington DC until she can bring a passed Covid emergency relief bill back to her district, and then takes the first jet out of town going back to Michigan.  Maybe stay away from the grocery store, Elissa, until your more dedicated and committed peers solve the problem.  

What kind of jackass makes statements like she did when her bags are already packed to go back to her district without a relief bill under her cap?  For your lack of dedication, integrity, and commitment to service, Representative Slotkin, you deserve to stay back in Michigan next year like the proven loser you are. 

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Typical Democrat however I'm glad she's not in Washington. I cringe every time I think another Covid relief bill might actually pass. Another trillion + dollars down the drain. Instead of a debt chocking relief bill, just open up businesses an let the Country get back to work. Who would ever vote for someone with a D after their name.


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