move the taskbar on your computer screen back to the bottom of the page?  My son was playing on the computer yesterday & did something to make it move to the right side of my desktop and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to move it back to the bottom of the screen?

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Right-click on the taskbar to make sure that it's not "locked" (as in make sure there is no check mark next to the phrase "Lock the Taskbar" towards the bottom of the drop-down menu that comes up when you right-click on it), then you should be able to drag & drop it to the bottom again. I know I keep mine on the left side of my screen & I used to have a friend that was irritated by that & always moved it to the bottom whenever he was on my system even for a minute.... lol Some people are even more anal than I am.
But yes, the size & location can be easily changed as long as the taskbar is not locked.... once you have it where you want it, lock it again.
thanks so much - I am such a dummy! For the life of me I couldnt figure out how to move it back but knew it was easy - duh!!! thanks again!


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