Geoffrey Fieger vs Mike Morse....wish I could sell tickets to this fight

Thrilla in Manilla...I mean Oakland County MI

It has been a long time since Smokin Joe and Muhammad Ali went at it and now we have Morse vs Fieger and that could be a great show for sure. 

The Detroit Free Press reported Atty. Mike Morse allegedly groped Ms. Swain at Lelli's  Inn on the Green.  When she went to the Farmington Hills Police to report the assault she was told it would be her word against his.  Instead of ignoring her, they put a wire tap on her and the report says Morse admitted to the assault.  The restaurant owner was involved as well....see the article in the link above for the details.

It is high time victims are believed and these events investigated properly.  I was 20 when I was physically attacked in Greek Town by a restaurant owner.  I went directly to the DPD and reported what happened.  I was told by by a detective that I needed to go home.  She actually said there were rape victims laying in the hospital beds that were much worse off than me and would not take a report.   How times have changed and I have to say....I commend the Farmington HIlls Police Department for being willing to wire tap the victim.  They could have just said, so sad too bad.

I do understand that these are only allegations and Mike Morse is innocent until proven guilty.  Looking forward to hearing that audio tape and finding out more about this case.

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(Many people in MI may recall Fieger was the attorney for Dr. Kevorkian but may not know or recognize the name Mike Morse.  Mr. Morse has a large law firm in Oakland County MI and uses his mother for advertisement purposes.) 

Mike Morse has held his conference now and reports he did not engage in the alleged behavior and is deflecting the attention by saying it is Mr. Fieger who is looking for revenge.  Here is the link to the Detroit Free Press report about Mr. Morse's response:

I find it interesting Mr. Morse would bring Mr. Fieger into the discussion and not focus on the allegations against him solely.  If it is true that he never touched Ms. Swain then one would think he would counter sue for defamation of character instead of blaming Mr. Fieger for wanting to showboat? 

The influence Mike Morse has in Oakland County only makes it more difficult for the alleged victim to come forward.  It will take someone like Fieger to go up against that type of influence as well as the  Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper.  She has the discretion  to prosecute or not prosecute.  My 2 cents.....Jessica Cooper is only interested in protecting those in positions of authority and being able to claim she has been hard on crime....when in is nothing more than a game of statistics making her "appear" to be doing a good job.

It's definitely unfortunate that two high-profile attorneys are going to be using their expertise and time on both sides of this case, rather than helping common citizens find justice against an increasingly overbearing and corrupt system.  It's just another couple of reasons to dislike lawyers, whether it be Fieger's showboating or Morse's alleged impropriety. 

Cooper's decision whether to prosecute or not, will not have any effect on Fieger's decision to seek civil remedies of outstanding financial proportions.

I have looked throughout the various news sources and could not find the complaint, I would be appreciative if you can find that document, IHave, since this does look like a very interesting case.

The criminal side will be Coopers decision is what I was intending to refer to.  I will forward the complaint if/when I come across it.

I don't think it is unfortunate they will be using their expertise and time on this case.  If the allegations are true there is a woman who has been assaulted and deserves to be represented.  She should not be bullied into being quiet. 

Now there are three women who have filed suits against Mike Morse for sexual assault.  Mike Morse continues to deflect the attention towards Fieger and deny any wrong doing.  I hope for Morse's sake he is telling the truth.  At the same time, it does seem odd that there are more women with similar claims and witnesses as well. 

The most compelling lawsuit seems to be from the second filed lawsuit, which comes from a woman who worked at Morse's law firm before being terminated, the other two are basically of the "he said/she said" variety without compelling proof.  

If records and witnesses verify the second woman's claims, Morse may find the other cases become tougher to fight.  As I see no real evidence beyond the civil claims of these women in either case, I suspect it is much like the 'bimbo eruption' that happened in the presidential race against Donald Trump:  a relatively easy way to defame a person without suffering any real legal consequences even if the women involved totally made their stories up. 


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