WITH LOVE & AFFECTION FOR ALL TORCHERS, MY VALENTINE'S DAY WISH HEREWITH! Let's hear some stories of how you "carry a torch" for your loved one. What kind of food brings out that special love? What gifts will she/he be getting this year? How do you celebrate this special day? Love transcends all inequities and problems. JMO   P.S. I gotta side bet of $10 that no more than 6 of the 30 members comment here. It's not a political nor religious subject, just another great holiday to celebrate LOVE.

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I can see the inside stuff Sheila, but wash de car? Outside? That's kinda over the top these days, but, if he enjoys it. Har, have a nice one. Thanks.
No silly, not outside with the hose. At the car wash.

The car part was a joke anyway, I was trying to think of more stuff to list. LOL

ummm....what kind of bet boys? hmmm, hmmmm, It has something to do with the girls responses doesn't it.
I so agree with you Shelia - manual labor on their part is the best gift a girl can get!
Well Aqua I was going to reply here but then you'll win the bet!
Think nothing of it Max, do reply, I'm interested in all remarks for this Luvers Day. Thanks. P.S. You don't know for sure which side I'm betting on, do ya? Har.
Less than 60 hours left for replies now. I do hope we get a few more gals, cause it's really their day, but, guys too, do reflect on this holiday. How do ya celebrate in NM for instance Max? Do ya shoot the rattlesnake, then BBQ him? LOL
Splurge, cornish hens/dressing for dinner today, chocolate cream pie for desert too, after some casual work here and there around the farm first though. And a replay of the Saintly win last Sunday for a nite cap w/a brewski or two.
Aquaman, you're our own cupid, flitting about with your little wings spreading love around the Torch. I'm getting some cornish hens prepared for me by my sweetheart for Val's Day, but the varied gifts I got her didn't include some bling, so I may be in trouble...
Yupper, only 6 posters besides me, not more. Figured that. Maybe Poopy has the right idea, cancel this luv day, in favor of ..............oh yeah, Happy Presidents Day too. Anyone remember the St. Valentines Day typewriters in Chicago long ago? Maybe that's more sheik now?


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