It seems Johnny boy is not only a liar, he's a scumbag too. While we all know of his lies in regards to denying the affair he had, its come to light in the last few days that there is a sex tape of him and I am  assuming the woman he had the affair with. There is some suggestion that it could possibly be even a different woman due to the idea that the tape apparently features a woman that was as its been put "obviously pregnant". Edwards girlfriend was pregnant at one point but its been suggested that the time frame that the video was supposedly shot doesn't match up with the time she was pregnant. On the other hand, the girlfriend has come out looking to get rights to the tape. Whatever the case, Edwards is an idiot and deserves all the bad karma he's gotten and will continue to get. What kind of a guy has an affair while is wife is home with terminal cancer and adds insult to injury be taping the sex? Calling him a scumbag is probably being to nice.

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Okay, Aqua, here's my take on it.

Some women put up with an abusive, philandering or controlling husband because of low self esteem. I wouldn't consider an accomplished woman such as Hilary or Elizabeth as having low self esteem, though. They were both raising children when their husbands cheated, so they may have tried to work with the situation for the sake of keeping the family together. Going along with that, there's also the old fashioned commitment reason. Some who take their marriage vows seriously will try to repair their relationship and move on, knowing that each partner takes some responsibility for whatever happened. I will be married to the same man 40 years this summer. We have too much invested in each other to part ways at the sign of trouble. I went into my marriage fully committed to "til death do us part." I know I'm in the minority, but my husband and I and our kids and grandkids are family, and it just wouldn't be the same if the link were broken somewhere. Elizabeth seems like the type to hold on to some of those old fashioned values. Hilary, I'm not so sure.

Guido, take what you read with a grain of salt. Sensationalism sells. There's no way this guy could get inside Elizabeth's head or heart to know what she is thinking or feeling.

And Aqua, in your estimation, what makes a man rotten, and what makes a man cheat when he is privileged to have a GOOD WOMAN at his side?
From all I've seen and been thru myself and with many other men friends, it seems to me that it starts at an early age, cheating, lieing, coniving, etc.. Seems the guys with the best looks and hair styles have their inner selves ignored by women mostly. And too many women may know or think about it at first, then, ignore it, in the hopes they can effect a change on that person down the road. Self esteem and education also play a part, as well as the life experiences of the individual I would think.


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