On the front page of todays Daily Snooze there is a story about a man who was killed on a bicycle while riding on Rt. 10. X wrote about it and is upset the driver of the car is not being charged. 

I decided I would google the fella. It appears that he moved here this summer from Saginaw Michigan. ( last address) after getting sprung from jail in June

He had been serving a sentence since 2018 for sexual assault and rape of a child , third offense.Google him. I did and was disgusted with what I discovered.

Clearly, Ludington has become a destination and 'safespace" for sex offenders. 

We have the highest per capita number of sex offenders in ALL of Michigan, yet not one question has been asked of our new candidates in any forum about this issue. 

I believe this is Ludington's biggest unkept secret and shame at the moment. 

When are we going to address this and hold our city leaders and judicial system accountable in this regard?

We NEED to deal with this issue before something awful happens to one of the treasured children in our community.

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The issue should be addressed.  On my count, the number of registered sex offenders in the Ludington area code (49431) is 93, this marks a fairly substantial increase over the years, back around eight years ago the number was closer to 60.  I would like to have you clarify the claim about having the highest RSO rate in the state,

On the night of the bicycle crash, I was aware of the biker's identity and RSO status, this doesn't make him any less the victim in the traffic incident, but it will allow the sheriff to ignore the driver's inability to pass this bicyclist with three or more feet to spare between them without suffering any political fallout.  

If we reverse the roles, and had a 21 year old woman was on the bicycle and a registered sex offender behind the wheel of the car that ran over the woman operating her bicycle within the law, would we be more apt to be clamoring for justice for the victim?

First of all, RIP, Branden. I don't care what crimes have been committed, if one is repentant, maybe trying over, God is merciful and will deal with him now. People may not be merciful, if the same crimes are repeated, and well shouldn't be merciful. That said, Ludington it seems will do anything lately to bring rentals in, income and school count and who knows what else? Just trying to spur the discussion .... The incident of being hit on a bike is a shame, and by the picture of abrupt change in courseway and the grate at that point, an accident waiting to happen.... again. That's two bicyclists killed in two or three years by these paved rolling shoulders which people use as bike paths. I hope MDOT does something to improve their safety.

Two issues here which I think should be completely separate.

That road is a nightmare and should dealt with. Too many people have died! 

The gentleman that died had a disgraceful history of sex offenses dating back 14 years at least. 

Law enforcement and city leadership "place holders" heads are in the sand about both issues and both should be dealt with ASAP.


With all due respect... did you not read what I said?

Separate the issues. You are clearly trying to intimate that I think the victim deserved to die. 

Wont take the bait...

I will get the data for you.

One more question X that I need to ask. 

Why do you hate law enforcement so much?

You NEVER take their side and it seems like you always blame them for something in all of the issues in town. 

I actually agree with you that they are not doing their job, but for me , they are being too lax and should round up the criminals who get a revolving door through the courts here and demands real time for their crimes. The amount of domestic violence and women being assaulted, stalked, intimidated etc here is unacceptable. I know some of the older ladies in town that won't go out at night here anymore and these are ladies who have been here their whole lives.

Are you going to actually comment about the crime here or just deflect?

Lake Lady,

I was not aware that I hated law enforcement.  I will not deny that I have been critical of them at times, taken them and the media to task for mishandling bicycle/motorcycle/pedestrian accidents and have called for much-needed reforms long before the George Floyd incident.  

If they performed their public tasks perfectly, I would undoubtedly report that.  But they don't, which is why I will criticize them when I believe they had the capacity to do it better.  They won't improve, in fact they will degenerate, if they are universally applauded for doing poor or mediocre work.  This is why I don't give them a free pass, nor should anybody else who respects good law enforcement.  The same idea applies to local media.

The problems you may see being effectively ignored by the local police is due in part to them knowing that their policy of non-engagement will not likely be questioned by the local media.  Beyond me, few people hold them accountable for not doing their jobs, and then we get called names by people like you for doing so.

Just as a question: what should City leaders or the judicial system do? 

Was wondering the same, myself, Epic.  

About which?  Sex offenders coming into town?  What can be done?  Can't discriminate, can we?

About bike paths, and U.S. 10?  I guess go to County commission meetings, talk to commissioners, state reps and get action.

About city bike paths?  Quit wasting money on parks and downtown and fix the damn roads and pedestrians pathways, imo.

One more thought about repeat CSC in town, I guess a complaint is the lax judicial system. I don't know a lot about the records historically, etc. But it seems the thought on this forum is that they are too lax. I haven't really focused on it. What can be done?

It looks like a quagmire waiting to happen for a city to make restrictive ordinances against CSC.

Another unintended consequence of clustering schools to a single campus outside of the city proper.

[Although the legalities of this were always questionable in the first place.]

I think if you do more investigation you will find about the same percentage of sex offenders in every city. It really is hard to understand that there are so many out there. We also have to remember that they were tried , convicted and sent to jail for their dirty deeds. After that they wear the sex offender label for the rest of their life. This is the United States , a person can move anywhere they want .


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