The new hire for Fire Chief is classic Ludington.

Another example of the self licking lollipop. 

Am I mistaken or didn't his wife get arrested for beating up a police officer and publicly harassed people on the street that she did not like?

Isn't his daughter the head of the Chamber?

You can't make this stuff up.

Ludington could not do a search and find new blood outside of the county?

Please correct me if I am wrong. 

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"No matter how thin the pancake, there are always two sides."

One might conclude that the dysfunction in the new Chief's family is probably as deeply rooted as the corruption in Ludington.

So I ask again... could the city not have started fresh and found some young,

enthusiastic ,grounded and ethical person to take over at the fire station? 

Too bad the council did not take this opportunity to take a risk and do a search for someone new and free of the grime.

Good thoughts, Lake Lady, about thinking about starting with a fresh breath, but I think this has been planned for some years, and most on the city council continue to breathe the expired CO2 and get no fresh oxygen good for the brain.  Great saying about thin pancakes!  

And those here at the Ludington Torch are often on the side of the pancake that's pressed flat up against a hot griddle, Lake Lady.  I have worked under and/or aside all of the officers currently on the LFD.  Discounting Ron Jabrocki and Fred Hackert who will both likely retire soon, I can think of three others who would be good replacements and have the requisite training. 

I can't speak for others who join fire departments, and you may find this hard to believe, but I had no interest in city politics when I joined the LFD.  I would bet most people who enter the fire service have a lot of other goals than getting involved with politics, but it was a major part of the banter before and after the bimonthly fire meetings when I was on board.  Henderson became mayor about a year after I joined. 

He, former councilor Hackert and Chief Funk would often talk politics and it seemed like an echo chamber after awhile, with the only major disagreement noticed coming with the City's purchase of the Dowland property for the fire station about 14 years ago.  After Nick Tykoski joined the LFD, it only got worse as he parroted the others and seemed to receive benefits from the association.  I wasn't the only person disaffected by the chatter and the too-political environment, but I was smart enough at the time to keep my mouth shut.  

Heavy sigh... 

I am feeling beat up lately with the terrible behavior of local, state and federal government players that is for sure. It really does feel like there is no one on the side of the good. I love the way all of these people always say they are public servants. Biggest lie out there.

They serve the God of their own ego and their own pocketbooks.

There used to be institutions we could count on to balance things out, but the new regime is doing everything they can to destroy those as well .

Conservative churches, schools that actually teach , town government with the citizens best interests at heart... all being toppled. :( 

With tech overlords shutting down more than half of the country, I fear this is just the beginning... hunker down folks and pray for good to prevail over the current evil. 

Your courage X and dogged determination is appreciated by more people than you probably realize.

I can understand your deep sigh, LL.  I found myself this past Sunday in deep meditation delving through tomes to try to make sense of what is going on in our nation.  Came across "Fear God and Do Your Part" a series by Theodore Roosevelt (he didn't like the name Teddy, so i won't use it).  What struck me was that our nation, founded on Godly principles, and we were the most blessed nation.  It seems to me, not many call on God anymore and try to appease and please so many ideologies so not to offend, and it is causing chaos like we've not seen in our recent memory.  This censorship of social media is so communist-like it is unreal and so unsettling.  I just think we are being squeezed in a vice, tested as individuals and a nation, but God is still in control.

Good points all. It was almost inevitable that Henderson would someday resume a position involving politics especially when Brandy was no longer his surrogate at City Hall. I had no idea the Henderson's were split up. I remember when X explained how Mrs. Henderson almost ran him down while he was on his bike. Like many who enter politics, John Henderson could have been a unifying force but instead chose the path of self interest and cronyism.


This may cheer you up. Bidens plans in the first 100 days.

Create a separate COVID-19 Racial and Ethnic Disparities Task Force and for at least $10,000 in student loan debt to be canceled for all Americans.
Rejoining WHO and keeping Fauci as a close adviser.
Reverse Trump's corporate tax cut.
Make the U.S. an international leader on climate change.
Create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million migrants living in the U.S. illegally.
End Trump's executive order banning travelers from some Muslim-majority countries.
Reverse a slew of Trump policies, including the construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall.
Start on a $2 trillion climate plan.
Build on the Affordable Care Act .
Free college education.

And this is just the beginning. 


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