I think the administration is making the right call in changing where
the terror trials are going to be held at. NYC is simply not the place
for them. I would prefer they do they do the military tribunals but if
nothing else, moving them out of NYC and somewhere else is the right
thing to do. Trying to have them in NYC would simply be a nightmare as
far as security goes. The cost of having them in NYC is another
thing... some estimate the cost to be at least a billion $$. Working
out the logistics would be another nightmare in its self. This is all
part of why I prefer the military tribunals, simply it would be a lot
easier to do these trials in that format. It would save a lot of money
too. And maybe most importantly, it wouldn't give the accused terrorist
the soap box so to speak from that a civil trial would. Of course the administration in NYC it seems would of been liked to be asked for their opinion on the issue, apparently they were not approached about it and were surprised to hear that they would be hosting.
I hope that the administration decides that maybe the tribunals are the way to go but
for the time being i'll applaude them for doing the right thing with at
least moving them.

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RSR, Contented cows don't moo. It's good to be involved with all this political correctness hooey, because its nothing more than progressive censorship on common sense.


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