Proposal 10-1: Constitutional Convention for Michigan, Yea or Nay?

One of the two proposals on the ballot, Proposal 10-1 simply asks: 


Shall a convention of elected delegates be convened in 2011 to draft a general revision of the State Constitution for presentation to the State's voters for their approval or rejection?


In favor of this Constitutional Convention is this article:


Offering a neutral slant is this article:


Against this Con-con is the author of this article:


The latter also has other links to articles based on Proposal 10-1 both for and against.  With a new governor coming in and the current dysfunction of this state perceived by the electorate is this a good idea, or just a waste of money?  Do you think it'll pass? 

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No. A waste of taxpayers money.
the concon props have both failed by more than 2-1 in both times since they called for voting to have them in the 60s every 16 yrs. itll be closer this time but will lose. i think id vote for it though. could be a hoot.
It's too expensive to consider at this time.


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