Wow  !!!!!   the daily news just reported that Shay is resigning !!!!!!!!!!    Now to get rid of the attorney!!!!!!!

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So now that the Shyster is bagging ass , who is in charge until our council finds hopefully a new manager that will try to reverse the damage done. Anyone local have what ever qualifications needed. On the pension statement , does the city have in the contract that if you quit you get a pension?

I'm sure the Council wlll take good care of Shay as he exits the city. Let's not forget that that most of the Council is appointed not elected. This will be Shay's last legacy. An unelected Council appointing an unelected City Manager. Funny how things work out.

You know, when real successful people retire or move from any office held, other people praise and congratulate them, in this case the people of Ludington should. NOT! Shyster Shay praises Himself in the LDN, and some of fellow Cronies join in, not the locals that matter. Concerning pensions, you are usually vested in at the 7 year mark in private industry, he's got 15 years, that should be well enough for him. Since he hasn't been fired or suspended, most likely he will get that extravagant expensive pension, and nothing locals can do to stop it imho.

Wait a minute , Shay had only a 1 year contract with the city,  renewable or not renewable , [  he never took the oath of that office either }  even if it was renewed each year for 15 years.    What is in the City Manager contract?  No pension in my book.

Hope you are right stump, but even if the law and city charter would back you up, I highly doubt the city council would disallow him the pension, just to keep making more mistakes and not owing up to them.


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