If you are concerned about the threat of Asian carp to Lake Michigan and surrounding states, please visit Mike Cox's Web site and sign the petition.


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I signed the petition... had to, Ted Nugent was pointing a bow at me and telling me to do so.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
And when Ted Nugent talks, people listen! And OBEY! I have already also signed the petition, and have member-fellow orgs. that have contributed in my name like, MCBA, MUCC, MS, MSFA, and I wish us luck. Tell Gov. Granny to stay out of this, for a change too.
Here's a link to a related article in today's Detroit Free Press:

Sounds like Mi. AG Mike Cox is on the ball with this one too.
I like the fact that Pete Hoekstra is also trying to battle this in the legislature (as opposed to the courts which Cox has done with little success). This could be an important issue in the primary for the guv'norship.
Thanks for that update X, I hadn't read that yet. Based on that info. I would say Hoekstra seems to have the better strategy. Attorneys always want the courts to solve the worlds problems. This particular issue IS better suited to the USCOE. And I would think that the MIDNR would also be a staunch and powerful tool to this end. However, my experiences with the USCOE has been that when political issues are involved, they tend to be lax, and prefer the DNR to supercede their own authority. Couldn't hurt to have both get in on this right away. Looks like the locks are a sticky proposition at best anyhow. And this needs action at once, not some later date when the Supreme Courts get around to it either. JMO
I only learned about Hoekstra's involvement because I was surprised, when Mary brought this up, that he had let Cox get leeway into this without doing anything himself. It will be a coup for whoever accomplishes this, if either does.
Another Free Press article on Granholm's meeting in Washington yesterday. In the article, there is a link you might be interested in.

It's good to see her involved in this fight too.
Thanks for a great update post Mary, on cue, and makes Gov. Granny look fairly good for a change. JMO


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