As of recent, it's sure not everyday we hear our Leader talk with such humility and Patriotic oratory. But last night was a bit different, and also refreshing for me. I know, his speech writers made sure the right things were said. But, for a slight change, this time, I felt the President was speaking in a more sincere and personal manner to us all. His sympathetic, apologetic, yet upbeat positive manner and demeanor were noticeably more evident and truer to what the President is supposed to be, for all of us. Especially during such a national tragedy. I think he hit home with statements about us all to quit pointing fingers at fault and personalities,  and each other, but rather, unify for the good of the nation, and our future. It's something I've rarely seen him do since being elected, but, I would hope, and pray, that he could carry this very feeling and posture into legislation in the future. Either way, I'm proud of Obama's performance and speech tonight, and give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

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Don't forget, this is the same man who encouraged that sheriff  to continue to berate and point fingers at Tea Party affiliates and conservative talk show hosts. He may have put on a nice face this time but he still is the same person who is trying to make the U.S. a third world country. He is only posturing and backtracking  because he knows the liberals are making fools of themselves trying to blame conservatives for the violence that occurred. I don't trust him or believe a word he says. Conservatives are not pointing fingers and accusing liberals of inciting violence so who could the President be talking to. Unless he comes right out and says the perpetrators by name or title who are spreading the lies about conservatives and tells them to stop, then  in my opinion nothing will have been  accomplished by his little talk. In my opinion he is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Don't forget this man has made a living using his tongue to sweet talk his way in and around politics. He's a smoosher of the first caliber.
I didn't see the speech but did hear most of it. As far as speeches go, I did think Obama did a pretty good job. While I may not agree with many of his policies, tonight he gets props for a job done well.


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