As John Boehner prepares to take over as Speaker of the House in Washington, let's remember what he told us about the TARP back in 2008 with W in the Oval Office.




And compare this to what Ron Paul said at the time:



I remember who I agreed with then, I know who I still agree with now.  With the benefit of hindsight, who would you say made the better call?

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I would say that Dr. Paul makes the right call most of the time.  I wish more would listen to him.
One of the reasons our Constitution was written the way it was, with a very limited Federal government ,( Man have we gone far above that havnt we? ) Was so the government could not use its bully apropriations process, to pick winners and losers in the business world amoung other things. That is one tennet of the Republic Libertarians still have closest to the original intent.
Easy Q&A is: are we better off today after 3 bailouts, or worse? Look at all the stats. and if you look at the dollar, debt, jobs and unemployment, stock market, common taxpayer, housing values, there is only ONE answer. I leave it to you to decide. It's a no BONER! spelling? ??
The government is basically a bunch of bad lawyers with the idea that they are more important to the business of growing an economy, than those who actually create something besides bad laws. I use the term bad laws simply useing the most current exsample of a 2700 page bill of which no one to this day still knows how many new regulations or taxes are burried in its bowels.

As a president, Martin Van Buren was just OK, but as one of the primary founders of the Democratic Party he said it as good as any conservative when he said:

 "The less government interferes with private pursuits, the better for general prosperity."

Modern Democrats and out-of-touch Republicans have either lost that idea, or passed on it for personal profit and/or power. 

Both, I think. If our beloved nation survives this assault from within, will it be recognizable?

"...passed on it for personal profit and/or power."


Awesome alliteration and accurate also.

Careful, Edie.  Your assonance is showing.


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