We Just Got a Letter, We Just Got a Letter, We Just Got a Letter, I Wonder Who Its From...

It's a Letter from Our Friends...



We received a request to change your password on The Ludington Torch.

Click the link below to set a new password:


If you don't want to change your password, you can ignore this email.

The "The Ludington Torch" Team

The Ludington Torch uses the Ning ID for authentication

The above arrived last week at the E-mail account I had established at Lakeshore Soup when I was a member there.  When I originally arrived at LS last May, I had been thrown off LT explicitly for being quarrelsome, particularly with one of our recent members (whereas,in reality, it was more due to the controversial content regarding the courts and the city leaders, and three unanswered as of yet questions concerning state law I asked). I had been XLFD at LT, and signed into LS as XXLFD, as I was now an X-XLFD.  In short time I shortened it to the much more pronouncible XLFD.  That short period, at LS, was the only time I had that monicker you see above, anywhere.


As you can see, someone, not I, because I use a wholly different E-mail for the Torch, attempted to access my account here at the Torch, and change the password. If they had been successful, they could have got rid of this site. Who had access to that e-mail account?  Well thehr Administrator had it, as any administrator can look your EMA up. 


But the various other co-administrators at the Soup can also look that up, even after you've been removed, and of course anybody else who they may tell it to. Not very ethical, but not totally unexpected.

So why do I bring this to your attention?  Many of you are former Soupers, some of you are currently there, at LT, or at other networking sites.  Your password may be the only thing that stands between you and any unscrupulous administrators hacking into your EMA. 


Play it safe, create a special E-mail address to use for such sites and create a very secure password.  Never ever give out your password to anyone you don't trust with your life. Then you can go on looking for clues without any cares.

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You can also try resetting the computer to an earlier date, before all this started, it's called restore mode. But it may erase some newer stuff, you can save that in advance to an outside computer or cd, just in case. I too got kicked off the Torch about 10 days ago, then reset the site and password to re-enter. Strange, at first I thought it was a quirk on my end, now, I think someone with high computer expertise is intentionally hacking us, (unohoo)?!
I crashed DH's PC last night. He had some virii, trojan, malware or something. So I ran Malwarebytes, SuperAntivirus, and Kaspersky. that usually fixes it. I saved Hijackthis and Combofix for dire emergency but I think I should have went with the big boys first as now it goes to that black screen that asks what mode you want to start in and no matter what you try it won't load and goes back to that screen. I can't even get in far enough to do a system restore.

It will be going to DMC tomorrow.
Sorry for your problems Sheila. This may sound stupid and obvious, but, have you tried unplugging the entire system overnite, then replug the next day. Sometimes that restores too. I also assume you have defragged? under computer mgmt etc.. Thanks, good luck.


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