Photos taken by Todd Reed 10 minutes apart this afternoon, a seiche hit Ludington and Manistee

I see mother nature is doing her own west end un-development with todays storm. Video on Heather Hendricsons facebook (

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Thanks for posting this stump. seiche's are rare but they do happen, like mini sunami's They are akin to water sloshing back and forth in a tub. This is another excellent reason not to develop the west end of Ludington Ave. 

This is Shay's wet dream...

AHa ha! Yes! For the love of Mother Nature. Those of us native West Michiganders have been taught to "Respect the Lake" by our grandparents and their parents before them. The developers from elsewhere have yet to learn that Respect.  

More videos on the sehche

Ludington State PArk


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