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Excellent video Barney. I came across Dr Campbell's video a while back and bookmarked it into my files. I was going to post it as a response to our friend RK Hubbard here on this forum, when we were debating mask mandates but it was a bit to long. I would suggest anyone who is interested to watch this video because it's important for everyone to know and understand the truth about what is going on. Many people have died needlessly. The Left, the Press and the Democrats are criminals and should be treated as such. He has other videos that are very informative.

Dr. Cambpell

I was watching another Dore video concerning mask mandates and kids.  It's another good video.

Very informative video, I was hoping that they would indicate how the Pfizer version of Ivermectin compared with that drug, but that wasn't revealed, only that Ivermectin was the best inhibitor tested against others.  One would have to believe that it was probably about as effective as Remdesovir, which the video acknowledged was not so effective as Ivermectin and much more expensive.  

Unfortunately, the hardest part of getting this information to RK Hubbard and other people that supposedly believe fully in science while getting their science from CNN pundits, is that they won't sit for it or do their own research.


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