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---Miller Time   Way back in the year 2000, the Ludington City Manager at the time, Jim Miller, decided to paint the insides and the outsid…

Started by XLFD

29 Nov 24, 2010
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Commissions of Sins

We would like to think that there was once a Golden Age in our government.  A time when the politicians created laws to expand or keep the…

Started by XLFD

7 Nov 24, 2010
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Does this Income Survey have a Bad Smell to It?

   Many of you may have received one of 1299 income surveys mailed out to Ludington addresses from the ‘City of Ludington’ late last week. …

Started by XLFD

28 Nov 18, 2010
Reply by XLFD

Freedom From Information

In the recent LDN article describing the Ludington City Council's confirmation of John Shay's deposit for a Freedom of Information Act requ…

Started by XLFD

9 Nov 18, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

Banish away

This fourm has banished several member names the past few days.  Obviously this forum is resorting to the same behavior you accuse Soup.  I…

Started by Froggy Wax

19 Nov 18, 2010
Reply by XLFD

The City of Ludington Loses its Cool?!

Check out the top of page three in today's Ludington Daily News.  Here is a brief synopsis of the event, which is a minor part of this push…

Started by XLFD

17 Nov 12, 2010
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Of Wintergreen, Woodlands, and Walden

In wilderness is the preservation of the world.  – Henry David Thoreau   When the brightness and warmth of summer ends, and autumn enters w…

Started by XLFD

7 Nov 5, 2010
Reply by Public Record

The Art of the Sleight of Hand

Here is a recent excerpt copied verbatim from a Ludington City Council Meeting, with the more salient points boldened for emphasis.  It inv…

Started by XLFD

12 Oct 23, 2010
Reply by Mary A.

Dueling Flyers: Dr. Franz&Scripps Monster Here for Halloween

Ray Franz, R, and Dan Scripps, D, are running for the 101st District State representative race, and apparently they are also vying for the…

Started by XLFD

1 Oct 22, 2010
Reply by Sweater Cows!

Unwarranted Stop Signs are Bad and Costly

Stop signs keep on getting added around Ludington.  Recently,  two were added to Washington at Bryant (making it a 4-way stop), two were ad…

Started by XLFD

12 Oct 9, 2010
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