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John notdead Streeter commented on John notdead Streeter's status
"She hates signs but, when she needs one, she will put it wherever she wants and make them as big as a billboard. What a two faced witch she is. Probably be flying on her broom dragging a banner."
20 hours ago
Willy replied to XLFD's discussion Municipal Raiders of Flint Worth Remembering for Ludington's Own
"Another city run into the ground by liberals.  Looks like Michigan taxpayers are going to be bailing Flint out of this mess. Flint thinks we owe them. Mismanagement, corruption and incompetence are the corner stones for cities like Flint and…"
23 hours ago
Willy commented on John notdead Streeter's status
Brad replied to Willy's discussion DO NOT VOTE FOR GARY JOHNSON
"Well, I unfortunately agree. No good choices this year. (and of last many years) I want a true conservative. Trump is not either, closer to a blue progressive. Or ...purple. Undecided until in the booth most likely."
XLFD commented on John notdead Streeter's status
"That looks as if it is in the land owned by Consumer's Energy.   It seems odd that they would okay such a sign in their plot of land there, seems even less likely that if Pere Pointe owns the lot that they would agree to it."
John notdead Streeter commented on John notdead Streeter's status
"Isn't there a law against blight? "
John notdead Streeter commented on John notdead Streeter's status
Dave replied to Willy's discussion DO NOT VOTE FOR GARY JOHNSON
"Of what I've seen of Johnson, he just doesn't do much for me as a candidate. He comes across as more of a 'dude' then a guy running for president. Can't say I agree with some of his political ideas either, in particular his…"
XLFD replied to Willy's discussion DO NOT VOTE FOR GARY JOHNSON
"Typically I agree that a strong Libertarian candidate would be likely to filter more votes away from the Republican candidate, but if the policy issues of Johnson was exposed to the masses, I believe he would take more from Hillary, as he is a lot…"
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Brad replied to XLFD's discussion The Sewage Hits the Fan
"I need to apologize for not delving into this more in the past.  I may have been thinking it was included in same DEQ report of 2008.  It is a very bad disaster for the businesses and residents.  And huge failure for city not to…"
John notdead Streeter replied to XLFD's discussion Active Shooter Training in Area Schools Proposed
"Just another way to spread fear to raise money using children as the key to profit. Disgusting. This town loves the 911 factor. Turning simple grievances into full blown episodes. Yet, when a Judges sister-in-law gets another drunk driving what…"
John notdead Streeter posted a status
"The Kay hole man sign @ copeyon park... Anyone see it?"
Jasper replied to XLFD's discussion Active Shooter Training in Area Schools Proposed
"This idea is beyond the realm of preposterous!!! Who dreams this crap up? Nothing like causing PTSD in kids! The paranoia among educators and the local MCSO is beyond the pale. At least parents have the option for their child to opt out of this…"
XLFD replied to Willy's discussion What are the real intentions of Black Lives Matter
"In the "Who we are" section of the BLM website it lists its origins as:  "created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime, and dead 17-year old Trayvon was posthumously placed…"


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Started by Willy in Torch Light. Last reply by Brad yesterday. 3 Replies

This candidate is a phony libertarian. He is the 3rd party liberal progressive who is trying to muck up the election and take votes away from Trump. He claims to be conservative but he is nothing but…Continue

The Sewage Hits the Fan

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area. Last reply by Brad on Thursday. 7 Replies

IntroductionOn November 25, 2012 there was reportedly a shear break in the sewer force main in the vicinity of First Street and Adam Street in Ludington's Fourth Ward. This break did result in a…Continue

Active Shooter Training in Area Schools Proposed

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area. Last reply by John notdead Streeter on Thursday. 3 Replies

Shooting up a school is a crazy notion.  The people who make the decisions on how best to counter school shootings often have crazier notions.  Witness MCC's recent…Continue


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    The elves of the Ludington Torch were hopeful that we could move from our current Ning 2.0 network to the Ning 3.0 network shortly after our five year anniversary, but we have got news from them back that they are not currently doing any new migrations to the higher platform at this time.  We surmise that there has been problems with the migrations of other Ning sites, because some things do not transfer very well or at all, including videos and group modules. 

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