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Willy commented on XLFD's photo

Old Raven's Building Declared Unsafe by Building Inspector

"A building cannot be deemed unsafe unless there exists actual physical hazards which can cause harm to people. A building is not considered unsafe only if certain fees are unpaid, so there must be something that is truly hazardous inside this…"
1 hour ago
XLFD commented on XLFD's photo

Old Raven's Building Declared Unsafe by Building Inspector

"Mayor Holman was on WMOM this morning and this was the first topic covered.  She typically sits at LCC committee meetings and she implied there were definite safety issues involved with it, the tenants inside were all out, even upstairs, and…"
1 hour ago
AQUAMAN liked XLFD's discussion Splash Pad or Crash Pad?
8 hours ago
AQUAMAN commented on XLFD's photo

Old Raven's Building Declared Unsafe by Building Inspector

"Major renovations is one thing, but did they just want to repaint and put in new lighting, and new drywall? If so, then that's NOT major at all! Wtheck's the deal? Or is the building structure in major need of repair?"
11 hours ago
stump commented on XLFD's photo

Old Raven's Building Declared Unsafe by Building Inspector

"The code violation105 is not having a building permit to do renovations, the 116 is for not paying the $500. application fee . I have found Fulker to be fair in his inspection work. Somebody didn't take him serious about following the rules.…"
11 hours ago
XLFD posted a photo

Old Raven's Building Declared Unsafe by Building Inspector

At 115 E. Ludington Avenue, the entrance and egress doors have been blocked with tape and signs by the area's building inspector, Thomas Fulker. The reason behind the drastic measure appears to be violations of section 105 and 116 of the Michigan…
13 hours ago
AQUAMAN commented on AQUAMAN's status
"And, very interesting comments X and Di, I had no idea, and learned something again today quite important too, thanks. And I doubt very seriously anyone else knows about the RRO including most council members. And NOW I would point out at the mtg.…"
21 hours ago
XLFD commented on AQUAMAN's status
"Dianne, at every council meeting since the new rules took effect, the approval of the previous meeting's minutes take place after the first public comment, so it would be appropriate for a citizen during that comment to point out something on…"
dianne commented on AQUAMAN's status
"Thank you for the reply, Aquaman. In previous local business localities in which I have served, and which followed Roberts Rule of Order (RRO), most of Krauch's statement would have been considered out of order. It's just hard to know here…"
AQUAMAN commented on AQUAMAN's status
"I think you'd have to make that comment about the splashpad at the second 2 minute comments Dianne, at the end of the mtg.. I would ask at the first comment section why Fishbeck Engrg. Co. is getting a no bid contract, against our city charter…"
dianne commented on AQUAMAN's status
"Xlfd, do you know if "last meeting minutes" can be commented on in agenda time by the public? Specifically, would it be considered 'agenda,' item for me to rebut Krauch's end-of-meeting comment about my miscalculation of…"
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XLFD commented on Willy's video

General John Kelly Destroys Lies About Trump’s Call to Widow of Fallen Soldier

"I was thinking of posting this video earlier, because I think General Kelly did a very good job of defending the president versus a very politically-motivated attack.  It's quite sad when a grieving widow is exploited by an empty barrel,…"
XLFD commented on AQUAMAN's status
"See the council packet here.  Here's what's on:  new fire station contract with architect, as Christman is deemed too expensive.  City to opt out of a state reform for out of control employee benefits, most city employees…"
AQUAMAN posted a status
"City Council meets again this Monday, Oct. 23rd, at 6:30pm. What's on the agenda this time? Okay, for those that are attending, go & comment"
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Anti-Vacation Rental Propaganda in the COLDNews

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area. Last reply by Willy on Saturday. 21 Replies

On May 21st, the Ludington Torch firmly came out in favor of the rare state initiatives that were designed to allow people to retain their rights, in a rather biased editorial called…Continue

Unbelieveable! The COL and their censorship about the PM Bayou!

Started by jfc123 in Torch Light. Last reply by dianne on Friday. 54 Replies

I spoke out, rather nervously, since…Continue

One 'Race', Two Vehicles, Two Crashes, Three Operating While Intoxicated Arrests

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area. Last reply by Willy on Thursday. 2 Replies

Both Passenger and Driver are Arraigned for OWI in Crashing a Jeep a Half Hour After the Truck They Were Supposedly Racing Against Crashed Two Miles AwayThe initial sheriff's report seemed to have…Continue

Kaye Holman: Freedom of Information Fighter

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area. Last reply by dianne on Wednesday. 70 Replies

Ludington City Councilor at-large Kaye Holman had a couple stacks of papers at her side and made a speech at the Monday 8-13-2012 Ludington City Council meeting.  It was directed at yours truly and…Continue

Tags: paying, Fetters, freedom, Holman, Kaye


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    Over the last couple of months our members have swelled due to an advertising push by those who join, post an ad, provide a link, and possibly send messages to other members advocating some product or action.  While these are basically harmless if you ignore them, the Torch tech wizards cannot fully protect against the intruders.  I have eradicated about two dozen of these infidels, and will make it a practice to do so in the future. 


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