Here's the spot to talk about your favorite or most hated NFL teams. I'm a Lions fan, not sure why some days.. lol... but I still support them regardless.

Anyway, feel free to talk trash if ya want... its all in good fun!

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Wow! What a day in NFL Playoff football.

Can't say I would of thought that the Saints would get beat by the Seahawks. The Seahawks playing at home surely helped as the crowd was very much into the game. The Saints were obviously a bit weak as they had several players injured, including 2 of their RB's going on IR early in the week and then another RB inactive for today's game... and to add insult to injury, 2 of their RB's that did play getting injured during the game.

The Jet's beating the Colt's was another surprise although I was figuring it to be a fairly close game. Both teams played hard and obviously defense was much better in this game then the earlier one. The Jet's will have their hands full as they head to play a red hot New England team next week.

Dittos Dave, I watched both games and was impressed with the upsets that happened. The Seahawks were a 7&9 team, the first with less than a .500 record to reach the playoffs.           At 4:30pm today the GB Packers will play the Philly Eagles. I am hoping for the same, with the Pack perhaps being the underdogs going for a total upset over Vick and the gang. Wish it was in GB though, instead of Philly, where the fans noise level may just make the difference.

Wasn't that pretty, but my GB Packers won tonite, 21-16 and beat Vick and the Eagles into retirement. Now on to the Falcons next Saturday nite, to win and become an unexpected victor in the NFL's last days of 2011 playoffs. Cheeseheads, delight, we have WON AGAIN, and live to see another day of Victory. Long Live the Lambeau faithful, and the winners of the pigskin game.

PACKERS WIN, BIG TIME, 48-21 over the Falcons. No doubt about the caliber of this team anymore, they are in the NFC Championship now. Just a question of if they play the Seahawks or Bears. Either way, it's going to be McCarthy's best 5th year since being Coach, and he's certainly to be named the NFL Coach of the year. How do ya like me now Dave? Victories like this are SWEET!

I really thought the Falcons were going to make it a much closer game as they have been a tough team, specially at home this season. Its a lot more likely now that the Packers will make it to the Superbowl as I don't think the Seahawks or the Bears are nearly as good... Bears were overrated this season and the Seahawks were, well, mediocre. Of course with that said, ask the Saints what they think of Seahawks.

I have a suspicion though that the Patriots are the team to beat this season.. they've been playing some good ball and seem to have really jelled. With their passing attack and young but decent defense, Pittsburgh is going to have a tough time with them assuming that they meet.

THE PACKERS WIN...................THE PACKERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL FOR 7TH TIME................................THE PACKERS WIN 21-14 OVER DABEARS! Yeah for MY TEAM! My Stomach has been in Knots for hours watching, but it's over, and THE PACKERS WIN. Now back to the Steelers/Jets.
Need I say more?
The Lions got off to a decent start yesterday.. wasn't a perfect game but considering it was the first game and that the off season was different then what you usually see, I don't know if you could of asked for more. Other then a couple bad decisions, Stafford had a pretty decent game throwing for 305 yards and 3 TD's. The defense looked particularly good in the first half, holding the Tampa Bay offense to 4 total yards in the 1st quarter and I think just over a 100 yards for the half.
The Lions won again and won big. As a Lions fan, I have to say that so far this season they have looked pretty sharp most the time. The Defense is living up to its hype as is the Offense. Stafford has looked very good which has worked out nicely in the fantasy football leagues I have him in. The rest of the league should be on notice now that the Lions are not the same ole kitties they use to be... they are Lions to be feared. Definitely have a shot at the playoffs and who knows what else if they stay healthy.... Packers better watch out!
You talkin bout my Packers der Dave? Don't! They are the best shot to "win in the long run, and repeat as defending Champions". Time will tell though pal, and I do expect this "flash in the Lion's den", to begin to dwindle very soon, and stay on the path of the past. Long ways to go yet.
While I do think the Lions have a shot at the playoffs this year, Superbowl would probably be pushing it. With that said though, I don't think the Packers have forgotten that the Lions beat them in Detroit and wasn't far off from beating them in Green Bay last season. Should be fun for both teams this season though.
3=0 Champion Packers win again 27-17 over Da Bears. Lions........hey........not putting us to sleep either, even though it was OT.


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