Here's the spot to talk about your favorite or most hated NFL teams. I'm a Lions fan, not sure why some days.. lol... but I still support them regardless.

Anyway, feel free to talk trash if ya want... its all in good fun!

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Might as well quit holding your breath Dave, and c'mon over to the Cheeseheads side, there's always room for one more in the You'll thank me later......ah ha.

Happy belated Turkey Day, 11-0 now and still undefeated, the Packers are on their way to the big dance soon it appears, again! Best record in franchise history to start a season.

Gotta watch the Lions Wild Card game tonight, they sure gave the Packers a hard time last Sunday. Pack is 15-1, first seeded for playoffs with a bye week and home field advantage. Best record in the franchise history, pretty proud of those guys too. GO PACKERS/CHEESEHEADS.

Lions game was a turnaround for the norm-- they had a good first half, were even winning at half time, but then the Saints' offense kicked into gear into the second half, and they rolled over the Lions defense's secondary.  Good luck to the Pack if it encounters a hot Drew Brees.

Tim Tebowe also had a good game, winning one for the Broncos on the way to becoming a phenomenon.  I heard a kitschy song this morning on the radio called Tim Tebowe's Fire, and had to put it up for all those who are downcast from the Lions early exit.

Well wow, some interesting games this weekend. The 49'ers surprised people to say the least, not so much that they won the game as I thought it was a winnable game for them, that they did it the way they did. The 49'ers were known to have a strong defense and I believed it could give the Saints some fits which it ended up it did. However, what surprised me and many others I'm sure is the points that the 49'ers put up and how they did it. The call for the QB rollout/run was brilliant, needless to say, no one saw that coming. Got give it to Alex Smith whose been much maligned over the years he's been in the league as sort of a bust of a #1 draft pick, seemingly never reaching his potential. Obviously he just needed the right coach and it looks like Jim Harbaugh is the right guy.

Moving on to the Packers game... myself, I wasn't totally surprised that they lost. From the standpoint that the Giants have been playing some really good football over the last month and the Packers defense has been a bit suspect pretty much all season, I believed the Giants defense could cause some issues. I think its safe to say that the defense did indeed cause the Packers problems. On the other hand, from what I have heard from numerous people who got to watch the game, it sounded like the Packers were never really able to get their offense going like they usually do. Part of that I'm sure was the defense of the Giants but it just sounded like they were never in sync. In the end, Eli Manning was able to put his team into a good position and gave the Green Bay defense more then it could handle.

Aquaman's not gonna be happy about that the Green Bay result.  On the positive side, the Packers don't have to pack-- they were playing at home.

It was a great weekend for former Michigan quarterbacks, with Harbaugh's success and Tom Brady giving Tim Tebowe a lesson in humility

Packers main faults 1/15/12: 8 dropped passes that should have been caught for large gains and points, actually, I counted 10-11 passes dropped: plus 3 fumbles/turnovers, I counted 4, and 1 interception and 1 sack. Total all those mistakes made and you have the explanation of a loss, I also didn't like a couple of referee calls, could have been better officiating for a serious playoff game. I'm proud to say though, best record on the charts for 2011 of any team in the NFL, and many records broken, along with bones that kept some crucial players out yesterday, like Clay Williams, he's an icon on defense.

Packers just won Sunday, over the Saints, but sure was a close one, 1 point, 28-27, whew, missed fg was the saver. I see the Lions lost too. Both teams are better than how they have played so far, much better. But Minnesota seems to be doing fine in our division. Should be a great season if the Pack gets back in stride, otherwise, I'm not impressed with their play so far.

Pack wins tonight, 42-24, and beat the undefeated Houston team. Many thought they, the Packers would lose, given the records so far, NOT! Packers finally played like the champions they are, thanks for a great game. Stay focused GUYS!

Packers win over Lions tonight, 27-20 and make it to lead the North Division and see the Bears lost too today. Pack isn't playing to the usual expectations nor the field goal kicker making it my day. So, we will see how it goes, but one thing is certain, the Lying down Lions are sick in the NFL as usual, losers and shameful. The Packers will make some playoffs, but will they win and go on, skeptical now.

Lions lose for 7th time in a row tonight to Falcons at Ford Field too. Packers beat Bears last Sunday and win division 2nd year in a row, hooray. Lions lose 30-18 Falcons going to playoffs again.

Packers at Lambeau tonight and winning at half time, 28-0 over Vikings. Important game for division. Jordy is the key, and has 2 touchdowns already. 


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