Here's the spot to talk about your favorite or most hated NFL teams. I'm a Lions fan, not sure why some days.. lol... but I still support them regardless.

Anyway, feel free to talk trash if ya want... its all in good fun!

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The Lions finish their regular season home games with a 16-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings, making them 7-1 at home for the season.  With two games left they can assure a playoff spot with one win, and can claim the NFC North crown if they beat the Packers in two weeks, or if they beat the Bears next week and the Packers lose. 

The playoff picture looks good for the Pack too, but they're used to that.  The only thing that can thwart them is a weak finish and a strong finish by the Eagles.

New hopes, same results.  Lions have a great season, but come up short in Green Bay, getting beat by the Pack 30-20.  Both head for the playoffs.

This is the 4th consecutive season the GB Packers have won the NFL North Division Championship. Don't count the Lions out yet, as they are a 6th seed I believe in the wildcard playoffs. The GB injury to QB Rogers might not be so good, but with 2 weeks and a 2nd seed spot to rest up, he may be good to go by next game. Last time the Packers were a 6th seed wildcard, they won the Super Bowl in Feb. 2011.

Looks like the dirty Lions player Suh is going to play at Dallas in spite of his intentional stepping on QB Rogers leg, not once, but twice. And the second time wasn't any oops imho. It could just be a permanent injury too. For a man that makes almost $400K/game, this $70K fine seems ridiculous to me. If any Lions player steps on Romo like this Sunday, there is going to be a riot imho. This cheap shot dirty playing by the Lions may resurrect their old 1957curse, and they will soon lose at Dallas I do hope!


That's my BOYS!!!!! Another fantastic win over the Cowboys, 26-21 at Lambeau Field today.


After last night, looks like the Lions are 0-3, looking bad! Now look at the GB Packers, 2-0 tonight and at halftime 24-7 beating the KC Chiefs. Packers will be on top with 3-0 record, with 5 other teams in the NFL early into the season. GO PACK! 

GB Packers are now 6-0, defeating Chargers today 27-20, Go Packers! Lambeau Leaps notwithstanding. 


That's not sports news, the Pack win all the time.  Now an 0-5 Lions team took to their home field and beat the then 2-3 Chicago Bears in overtime, 37-34.  No 'perfect season' this year.

Yup, but the Lions did have a perfect season a few short 4-5 years ago, it was 0-16, never even won a game, lol, lmfao! The Packers do have a bye week next weekend, then face the Broncos and Panthers, both which will be very hard to win, esp. at the opponents fields. My guess is they may win one of those two games, or lose both. Then will continue to win most all to the end. Predict 13-3 at the end, and another NFL North Div. win of course, as no one else comes close right now, or till the end imho. 

Anyone watching the NFL game at Ford Field tonight? Should be a good one too: Packers? or Lions? Game kickoff 8:20pm EDT. Looking for the Packers to get their act together and not let the Lions win a second game, even though they are at home. How bout it guys, Dave?

I'll be watching, of course routing for the Lions. I've been surprised with how well Detroit has been playing lately and how uncharacteristic poorly the Packers have been playing. Being I usually work on most game days I haven't gotten to watch as many of the games as I'd like but of what I've seen and stat wise, the Packers just haven't been playing like they did early in the season. Of course I'd like for that to continue :-P

I didn't know they were playing until I read the post, as of this writing, the Lions are ahead 20-0 in the middle of the third.  Lions almost have to win out to get to the playoffs, but why not? 

Oh, they're the Lions, I momentarily forgot...


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